Turn Your Backyard Into A Food Producing Paradise: 7 Tips from a Homesteading Expert


Imagine stepping out your backdoor and being greeted by an abundance of fresh food growing in beautiful vibrant colors in your backyard.  Your body instantly relaxes knowing your cell phone is far away on the table deep inside the house.  You take in a deep breath seeing the sunlight streaming, birds flitting, and butterflies swirling in your backyard paradise.  You walk over to the first set of raised beds and your fingers feel the plump firmness of the sweet red cherry tomatoes.  Your mouth starts salivating in anticipation as you pop one into your mouth.  You do a little happy dance at the flavor burst and your skill at judging the peak of ripeness.

“You cannot buy food that tastes as good as home grown” says Marjory Wildcraft, an expert in backyard farming, “you’ll never find better tasting food anywhere”.

Sound like a fantasy?  It’s not.  Wildcraft has shown hundreds of thousands of people how to do it.  “I’ve worked with people who only had hard baked clay for soil and now they have lush gardens, chickens, and rabbits” says Wildcraft.   Here are 7 tips Wildcraft offers for how you can transform your backyard into a food-producing paradise.

7 Tips To Creating Your Backyard Food Producing Paradise

  1. Excellent soil. “People think of soil as just dirt – something to hold the plant up. But nothing could be further from the tructh” say Wildcraft.  Great soil is the key to having a green thumb.  The healthier your soil, the stronger your plants will be, and the better they will be able to fight pests, illnesses, and issues.
  2. Begin small. “It is surprising that you only need about 100 sq.ft. of bed space to produce most of the vegetables for one person” says Wildcraft.  She also notes that you are establishing a new way of life, which takes time to assimilate. Starting small allows you to ease into the shift.
  3. Grow what you enjoy eating. You will pay more attention and feel more connected to what you are doing. You’ll also like the prize.
  4. Determine what generates the greatest calories and nutrients. Traditionally, the term “calorie” was a dirty word, but with food prices soaring, being able to create calories is like printing your own money.
  5. Make friends with your neighbors who already cultivate food. Bring them a little present, such as a hand shovel or a pair of gloves, to break the ice and express your want to be friends.
  6. Join a wonderful online community or a local gardening club or 4H program (it is open to adults). You’ll have a lot of questions… The Grow Network at https://thegrownetwork.com is one of the largest online communities of people who grow their own food. They have approximately 120 “Street Team” members with extensive expertise who answer inquiries and provide information, suggestions, and ideas.
  7. Sign up for email newsletters that contain intriguing articles written by skilled homesteaders. It will assist you in staying inspired and always learning new talents.

Want Skip The Learning Curve?  Marjory Wildcraft is Your Go-to Source for Help

Marjory has been growing her own food for decades.  And better yet, she has been teaching people how to do it toom.  She has been featured in National Geographic as an expert in off-grid living, she hosted Mother Earth News Online Homesteading Summit, and she is included in Who’s Who in America for inspiring hundreds of thousands of backyard gardens. Marjory was the subject of Reuter’s Food Sustainability Media Award-winning piece, and she just published The Grow System: The Essential Guide to Modern Self-Sufficient Living—From Growing Food to Making Medicine.

Backyard Food Production, her video series, has over a million copiesand is used by homesteaders, foodies, preppers, colleges, and missionary groups all over the world. She has spent the last 20 years learning how to teach individuals with little experience growing food.

If you want to transform your backyard quickly, Wildcraft is offering a free webinar titled “How to Grow Lots of Food Even If You Have No Experience, Are Older, or Out Of Shape” at www.BackYardFoodProduction.com Be sure to have a pen and paper handy to take notes as the webinar is jammed packed with great info.

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