LAN – Games Ltd is transforming the game development industry


Over the course of the last ten years, we have seen the rise of independent game production from a little, smoldering sector of the market to a blazing wildfire that is spreading nonstop over the globe. We have seen a decline in the number of retail releases in favor of digital downloads. We have seen as the demographics of gaming have moved drastically to embrace practically everyone that we are familiar. The introduction of 4K resolutions and improvements in speed brought about by technological progress has opened the way for developers to include an increasing number of features in a single video game.

Cultural transformations and the development of the popularity of social media and streaming have made their impact on the business in both a direct and indirect manner. This is true despite the fact that the game industry itself has not undergone these changes. The creation of video games has been impacted in a variety of ways as a result of all of this. Changes have occurred in the composition of game development teams, the types of games that are being generated, the methods by which games are produced, promoted, and monetized, as well as the nature of the connections that exist between game creators and players.

How Has the Evolution of Video Games Taken Place Over the Years?

When I was younger, around ten years ago, the production of video games was at an elementary and fundamental level. The games were mostly two-dimensional, had little attention paid to detail, and lacked any vibrant colors. The vast majority of personal computers sold today are equipped with powerful CPUs and graphics cards. It speeds up the production of 3D graphics, permits animation in real-time, and enables intricate lighting effects. In addition, modern CPUs include support for full-screen films, which makes it possible for game makers to incorporate cinematic sequences that have already been developed into their products.

The high cost of production is no longer a barrier since developers may undertake the rendering of these types of movies on a variety of graphics workstations. The Unity game engine was another innovation that was a step forward for both game makers and game players. Because it was free, anybody with access to a computer could create their own games using it.


How LAN – Games Ltd is transforming

The introduction of the Rento game to the Chinese market is one of the most significant achievements that LAN – GAMES has been able to achieve. China is a massive market that has an incredible amount of untapped potential to attract millions of new participants. However, this is seldom a simple undertaking. It is difficult to operate a gaming server in China if the legal company that is hosting the server does not have a local presence in China because of all of the limitations placed by individual countries, most notably the China firewall.

Another significant achievement for the organization has been its expansion onto all of the main mobile and console platforms that are now available. The most recent piece of hardware to be supported by the firm is the Steam Deck, as stated in the most recent newsletter. As of the summer of 2022, the Steam Deck platform is being supported by two games, namely the Happy Words games and the Rento games. The next major accomplishment will be introducing a select few more games on the Deck platform.

The ability to play with other players on different platforms is Lan-Games’ most distinctive benefit in comparison to its rivals. The Rento game is capable of supporting up to 8 players simultaneously across many platforms, including Android, iOS, PS4, Steam, WEB, etc.

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