What it’s like to be a musician and work in the business world at the same time


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Managing two or more occupations simultaneously is what is meant by the phrase “having many careers at once.” People with many professions often pursue careers that complement one another, such as actors who direct movies or even work as models. Although having two complementary occupations might be easier to manage, some people want to pursue their interests in addition to a solid job. One such personality is Anton Lagounov, who started his career as a musician but later transitioned toward security officer, cybersecurity specialist, and entrepreneur.

It’s not uncommon for those talented at singing and playing instruments to make a living in the music business. Being a musician comes with several advantages, including a feeling of accomplishment and an avenue for creative expression, to name just two of these perks. In this article, we will go through the steps that need to be taken to break into the music business and entrepreneurship simultaneously.

Entrepreneurship vs. music

If you are now considering becoming an entrepreneur, you have already taken the first step toward achieving your goal. This is because “becoming” an entrepreneur is more about having a confident attitude than a specific set of achievements or honors. Developing a fundamental nature in how you think about problems or approach issues is necessary to be an entrepreneur and embody that creative drive and determination. This is why developing a mindset is so important: to do so, you must cultivate a fundamental nature in thinking about problems or approaching issues. Although not everyone will be born with an entrepreneur’s innate mentality, the concepts and procedures can be learned. After all, you were born unable to walk or speak, but that hasn’t stopped you from learning how to do those things.

On the other hand, entry into the music business is marked by a unique set of challenges and opportunities. If being a music artist or producer is one of your goals in life, you may follow many different paths to get there. The essential thing is to have a crystal clear vision of what you want to accomplish and then take the actions required to get there. Even though it’s a cutthroat business, there are always those who refuse to give up and work their way to fame and money. Therefore, you shouldn’t think of this list as “laid in stone” guidelines but as touch points for your trip; you may not even follow it in the order it’s written! You may already have a fantastic concept in mind rather than working towards developing one, or you’re already a member of a driven group seeking a new challenge.



How to manage both

Numerous individuals engage in more than one line of work to satisfy their interests. In this scenario, individuals may have a more secure profession that offers a steady income while they work on developing another one simultaneously. Before pursuing numerous occupations, you should evaluate your lifestyle, health, and the amount of free time you have to ensure that this is your best decision. Music may beyour best pathif you have sufficient spare time to make good music. On the other hand, you may also think that entrepreneurship is best for you because it may make you financially stable. Managing two or more occupations simultaneously requires ambition, and having a clear objective is good. If you currently have a secure job, it is recommended that you ease into a new line of work by gradually incorporating it into your daily routine.

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