Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Asia


Asia is that the largest continent by both size and population-a diverse, multicultural melting pot of a number of the oldest civilizations on earth. There’s such a lot to ascertain and neutralize Asia, it’s hard to narrow it right down to a shortlist-it could take you months to really explore only one country.

Asia is one of the foremost diverse and captivating continents on Earth. With relatively low visiting costs and ever-expanding tourism infrastructure, Asia is continually growing in popularity as a hot-spot destination for travelers from around the world.

Regardless of what you truly want to experience in your travels through Asia, there’s surely a spot somewhere to fill that requirement. to assist you to propose the trip of a lifetime, take a glance at our list of the simplest places to go to in Asia.

1. Chang Mai, Thailand

Many travelers prefer Thailand’s pleasant northern capital over the hectic pace of life in Bangkok. Most of the tourist action happens within Chang Mai’s Old City, where orange-robed monks from the various temples smile as they pass.

From numerous cultural festivals and sprawling night markets to mountain trekking and many beautiful temples, Chang Mai attracts over 1,000,000 visitors a year who just can’t wait to return back. Although inflation is on the increase thanks to popularity (Bangkok is consistently one among the foremost visited cities within the world)


The Indonesian Island of Bali is all the craze immediately among digital nomads, young backpackers, families, and couples trying to find a touch of romance. With white sandy beaches and lots of luxurious resorts, it’s the right destination for those seeking a touch Asian getaway. For those that enjoy a rather more active holiday, there are also many fantastic hiking trails alongside a number of the world’s best diving spots. Or, if history and culture are more your things, the island’s mixed Buddhist and Hindu history means it’s striking temples around nearly every corner.

3. Sagarmatha park

This Nepalese Park is legendary for housing the behemoth that’s Everest. However, it’s important to understand that Sagarmatha isn’t just Everest. The Park also offers several other sky-high peaks, also as sweeping valleys, glaciers, deep gorges, and incredible wildlife, including snow leopards and red pandas. However, thanks to Sagarmatha’s high elevation and rocky, steep terrain, a visit here isn’t for the faint of heart.

4. Fuji, Japan

Although Fuji is a lively volcanologist, it hasn’t erupted since 1708. The stunning snow capped mountain is one among Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains,” which are traditionally considered to carry a specific power-Mount Fuji has volcanic power.

If this does not sound ominous enough, the bottom of the mountain is additionally home to Maharajah. Also referred to as “The Suicide Forest,” this dense forest growing on hardened lava is home to ice caves, a mixture that absorbs sound and creates an eerie feeling of solitude.


If you think that about the Maldives, a standard picture involves the mind: gorgeous thatched-roof huts standing on stilts above crystal clear, turquoise waters. The Maldives may be a honeymooners’ paradise and therefore the ultimate romantic destination in Asia. Banana Reef, near the North Male Atoll islands, is that the best skin-diving spot within the entire archipelago, with vibrantly multi-colored coral and an abundance of marine life. you would possibly even spot some reef sharks and barracudas here!


When you consider paradise, does one picture white sandy beaches? An azure sea? Palm trees towering over you as you sit back, relax and luxuriate in the sunshine? If so, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a shocking union territory in India, got to take the place at the highest of your bucket list… immediately! There are 572 islands in total, but only about 38 of them are permanently inhabited, each with gorgeous beaches, diverse marine life, mangroves, and tropical rain forests – everything you would like to enjoy some tropical nature.


This tiny little island within the Philippines is one among Asia’s most up-and-coming destinations. Boracay is little enough that it can easily be explored on foot, traveling from one coast to the opposite in only a few hours. To the west, you’ll find palm-tree-lined sandy beaches with much space to sprawl out and catch some sun. The eastern side is where you’ll find water sports and other activities, alongside an observation deck that gives some stunning panoramic views.

8. Penang, Malaysia 

Known as the “Pearl of the Orient,” Penang may be a place to relax, eat delicious food to the brink of misery, and appreciate Malaysia in a new way. Malaysians are quite pleased with their large island — and that they should be!

A legacy of immigration and colonization in Penang has produced what’s arguably a number of the simplest cuisines altogether of Southeast Asia.

9. Singapore

Notoriously expensive and sometimes unfairly shunned by budget travelers scared of getting fined, tiny Singapore may be a modern-yet-green city/island/country well worth a visit for the food, mega-mall shopping, and unique blend of cultures. Don’t assume that Singapore is all about concrete chopping blocks! you will find ample green space and a powerful system of elevated biking and walking trails that interconnect city parks. 

Yes, Singapore costs much more than neighboring Malaysia or the remainder of Southeast Asia, however, the town features a pleasant vibe, lively Indian and Chinese cultures, speaks good English, and is pleasant enough just to walk. you’ll spend months living in Singapore and still discover hidden places and eateries the guidebooks have missed!

10. SEOUL, South Korea

If you’re trying to find a destination that completely merges the old and therefore the new, South Korea’s capital should be at the highest of your list. very similar to the yin and yang symbol on its country’s flag, Seoul may be a smooth blend of contradictions. Its shopping districts stretch for miles and miles, with hot nightclubs in between. once you want to enjoys a number of the country’s history, however, old Seoul is simply a couple of paces away. you’ll spend hours touring the city’s five large palaces from the Jose-on Dynasty before hopping over to Buckshot Village to ascertain a number of the city’s more traditional wooden homes.

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