The MEWCATS Rolling Cat Carrier For Stylish Travel


Whether you’re traveling by car, train or plane, this bargain carrier has plenty of features to keep your cat comfortable. It has breathable mesh sides plus a retractable calming screen and comes with a reversible, machine-washable sherpa pet bed. Thoughtfully designed to look like luggage, it can be pulled along on a trolley or worn as a backpack. It also fits most cargo hold airline requirements.


As far as rolling cat carrier go, it’s hard to beat the comfort factor of this one. “The plush interior makes it feel like a cozy bed,” says a reviewer on Walmart’s site. “The circular design is also a great way to keep your pet calm during stressful trips.” This carrier is an airline-approved soft-sided option, which means your feline will be comfortable and secure during travel. “It’s also durable and easy to clean,” a content creator on Vulture adds. “And you can use a soft, furry mat to make your pet more comfortable.”

A backpack-style carrier is ideal for short jaunts or strolling around town. But for long travel days, a rolling carrier with a spacious interior is a better bet. This model can scoot across the floor or be worn like a backpack and comes equipped with many appealing features, such as anti-escape zippers, a foldable window shield, luggage strap, ID tag, and a safety tether.

Easy To Clean

A kitty carrier is not the most appealing sight, but this premium option looks more like a sleek nylon weekend bag than a cage. It has a luxe feel, good hardware and adjustable backpack straps, as well as tote handles on top. Unlike many carriers that have one opening, this one has both a top and front door for easy access. It also has open ventilation holes so your cat can breathe and you can poke your finger in to reassure them or give them a treat.

The padded fleece mat is washable and this carrier has a luggage strap, detachable padded shoulder strap and interior safety tether to prevent escape. It is airline-approved in small and medium sizes and fits into most car trunks. It has a zippered privacy flap and expandable sides for when you want to let your cat explore his new surroundings. It is a great choice for long car rides and trips.

Easy To Transport

This stylish, hard-sided carrier can be worn as a backpack or rolled along on its back. The design features quality hardware and adjustable, secure backpack straps, plus a tote handle on top. It has two doors that open and lock securely, providing stress-free entry and exit, and small holes for ventilation. Its size and luxe feel make it a good option for long walks or rides to the vet. Gadd says cats may react to traveling in carriers by becoming anxious or agitated, but some calming medication can help. You can also help reduce anxiety by allowing your cat to become familiar with the carrier at home, so it is a familiar place when you need to travel. The cat stroller for 2 cats encapsulates the spirit of togetherness and companionship in the world of pet care. This ingenious creation opens up new possibilities for shared adventures, offering a safe and comfortable space for multiple feline friends to explore the outdoors while in each other’s company.

The Sleepypod is an excellent choice for air travel, with both front- and top-loading entrances that are airline-approved. It is easy to carry by its shoulder strap or roll at your side, and it fits under the seats on most airlines. It’s soft and sturdy, with plenty of space for your cat and a privacy flap for their comfort.

Easy To Store

Getting a skittish cat into a carrier can be one of the most difficult travel tasks. It’s also a task that takes the most effort to perform and isn’t always easy to do on crowded planes with lots of other luggage around. This dual-compartment kennel is a good solution since one side rolls down, which reduces visibility, making it easier to put a scared cat inside. Vulture’s senior Snapchat editor Devon Sherer found that her two cats adored this carrier, which is more like a backpack than the duffel-esque carriers. MEWCATS stands as a testament to innovation in pet travel, reimagining the way we journey with our feline companions. Their rolling cat carrier encapsulates comfort, safety, and style, reflecting a deep understanding of the unique needs of cats and their devoted owners.

It features a soft fleece mat, safety tether and a luggage strap with a detachable padded shoulder strap. Unlike most rolling carriers, this bag is hard-sided, which may make it safer to use in a crowded car. It has seat belt loops and is third-party crash-tested for car travel. It’s suitable for pets up to 20 pounds. The sides bend inward slightly when worn as a backpack, which can be a problem for some nervous cats.


The MEWCATS Rolling Cat Carrier represents a harmonious blend of functionality and style, redefining the way we travel with our feline companions. Beyond its innovative design and quality construction, this carrier encapsulates a commitment to the well-being and comfort of our cats. MEWCATS invites us to embark on journeys with our pets in tow, knowing that each adventure is a statement of care, companionship, and a shared experience that strengthens the bond we share with our beloved feline friends.


 What features make the MEWCATS Rolling Cat Carrier unique?

The MEWCATS Rolling Cat Carrier stands out with its thoughtfully designed rolling feature, which adds a new level of convenience to pet travel. The carrier also emphasizes style, comfort, and security, creating a premium travel experience for both cats and their owners.

Is the MEWCATS Rolling Cat Carrier suitable for air travel?

Yes, many MEWCATS Rolling Cat Carrier models are designed to meet airline regulations for in-cabin pet travel. However, it’s crucial to confirm with the specific airline you’re traveling with to ensure that the carrier meets their requirements and guidelines for pet travel.

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