The Power of Hope- Dr. Angela Brownemiller’s Compelling Message to All of Us


Some of the people Dr. Angela Brownemiller works with are telling her that they are tired of trying and that they are out of hope. In everyday life, and in these challenging times, we see that so many individuals have depleted their supply of hope. As if hope is a sort of fuel or gasoline that can get used up, sometimes it feels as if the world may already be running out. Yet, hope is so important. Hope has the capacity to change your mind about your life, to turn your sense of things around in your favor. Dr. Brownemiller says, “Hope can help you focus your mind and spirit, even your own brain chemistry. You can learn to be holding on to hope.”And yet, of course, having hope is difficult, especially these days when we are bombarded by negativity. But if you need to find hope, keep reading because Dr. Angela Brownemiller has advice for you.

Dr. Brownemiller has written extensively on what hope is, and on changing how we see ourselves, in her books such as HOW TO DIE AND SURVIVE, and SEEING BEYOND OUR LINE OF SIGHT, and also OVERRIDING THE EXTINCTION SCENARIO.These books and audiobooks are written and spoken in an extraordinarily compelling voice filled with genuine emotion and insight. Dr. Brownemiller has put it quite well, “Hope is like fuel. Hope empowers us to keep on keeping on. Hope gives us the vision, the idea, that we CAN survive. The survival of the human species is, to a great extent, in our hands, or better stated, in our minds and spirits.”Dr. Brownemiller also informs her readers and listeners that “We can reach deeply into our minds, spirits, consciousness-es, whatever we want to call these, and find more about how to survive. We can step up to the plate: we can take our place in the history of humanity; we can activate the option we do have to choose to be ever more conscious, ever more aware, of who we are and of what we are capable of doing.”

Refueling The Hope

Dr. Brownemiller is on a mission to refill the globe with the power of hope through her books, audiobooks, and programs. We do not have to feel we are in a downward spiral. She tells us, “The human species senses what is going on. Many in the world are already moving into survival mode, where their main goal is to just survive and to go on with their lives somehow. … However, by altering your viewpoint and looking at things from a different angle, you may affect your life by extending your mind and increasing the range of your consciousness.” Dr. Brownemiller’s HOW TO DIE AND SURVIVE books have provided readers with tremendous life-changing insights and activities. No one leaves these books unchanged.

Dr. Angela Brownemiller also provides advice on her website,, where you can discover more of her fictionand non-fiction books, which she wrote while operating her own private practice for many years. Her knowledge is the result of years of experience working with thousands of people from over twenty nations in psychotherapy, treatment, education, research, workplace, and other contexts.She is a specialist in several subjects and provides powerful advice to everyone. Her areas of expertise include stress management, relationships, addiction, trauma, abuse, mental health, mind-body health and wellbeing, spirituality, death and dying, and others. Her many publications feature numerous ideas she has had and studies she has conducted over the years. She presents her material in a unique way allowing you totake all this in on the level you wish. Just start reading and listening to get to know Dr. Angela Brownemiller.

Dr. Brownemiller’s addiction series (FACES OF ADDICTION), sci-fi series (THE BLOODWIN CODE), and her KEYS TO CONSCIOUSNESS AND SURVIVAL series books such as those mentioned in this article, are all about changing and helping the human mind and spirit find their way through these challenging times

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