Here is the list of the artists who are not only good musicians but also entrepreneurs


Some musicians think that as they now achieve the desired goals of making good music, they have no purpose left in life. And many of them tend to start their own business, as not only will it help them pass their time but also will be a source of spending their creativity.

If you are an artist, be it music or film/tv. You can never work without creativity. Creativity is the reason many startups are more successful than others. Here is the name of artists who have managed to build an empire of their business.

  1. Benji & Joel Madden

You probably know them from Good Charlotte, famous for singing “Lifestyles of the Risch and Famous.” The song has managed to make them both wealthy and famous. They started their own clothing business, MADE Collection, in 2005 but have renamed the company D.C.M.A. collection. The brand was the choice of celebrities like Paris Hilton and others.

  1. Andrew Synowiec

Andrew is a prolific recording guitarist featured in countless movies, shows, and commercials and is based in Los Angeles. His recording studio was developed with some of the most notable engineers in the music business, and he has been successful in the music industry for decades.

  1. Pharrell

In the early 2000s, Pharell had his breakthrough and tried himself in singing and music production. He has produced major hits with his band N.E.R.D. He has always been a fashionista, so he opened his clothing and footwear line by the mane Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.

  1. David Bowie

When it comes to legendary musician David Bowie always remains on top. He has a different approach when it comes to business. He builds a technology company and an internet service provider firm in the 90s. He further started his own record company and worked under it.

  1. David Veslocki

David Veslocki is an awarded Music Producer, Guitarist, and industry professional. Has played guitar, produced and licensed music for radio and television, and performed in concert venues worldwide. His guitar playing and music productions have been heard on National Geographic, N.B.C., A.B.C., FOX, and other T.V. channels. To help artists worldwide, he started his record label Sapphire records, where he is also a President (created under K.M.G./TheOrchard) and subsidiaries Frameworks, Skyfall, and Reflection.

He has also established himself in the world of EDM under the name The Afterparty—where he has performed for crowds of 10s of thousands.

  1. Jared Scharff

Jared was the guitarist for S.N.L. and records for some of today’s top acts.

  1. Les Paul

Besides being one of the most iconic guitarists in the world, Les Paul also innovated Gibson guitars and is known for pioneering multitrack recording. His musical fingerprint has made a significant impact on the business.

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