Promote Mental Wellness Through Group Travel


If you are always tense and preoccupied with your thoughts despite the fact that you are not too busy, then traveling therapy is the solution for you. Many therapists recommend traveling therapy to enhance well-being and improve mental health since it allows you to relieve tension by relaxing your mind and allowing yourself to recuperate.

While traveling alone offers various perks that will entice you to go on your solo travel experience. The main excitement of traveling alone is the desire to meet new people as well as the sensation of empowerment and freedom to do anything one wants. When you leave your comfort zone, you discover new things about yourself, the world, and your skills.However, group traveling always increases enjoyment since you meet individuals who share your interests, which multiplies the fun. You get to go on late-night walks, go trekking early in the morning, have a table full of laughs, and have fun getting dressed together. If you’ve never considered group travel before, keep reading to find out why it’s the greatest option. We have also mentioned the best tour group you can travel with, so you might not have to worry about finding one.

  1. Cost-effective

Those who choose to travel alone should be aware that it will be more expensive than going in a group. According to solo travel polls, people avoid traveling alone because of the greater cost. With no one to share travel expenditures such as private city tours, taxes, and airfare, you may have to stretch your budget.

Group travel, on the other hand, is less expensive, making even the most expensive hotels affordable. You get to split the accommodations, the food, and even the transportation fee, making your trip luxurious.

  1. Encourages Safety

Personal safety is always a concern when traveling alone to a new city or country, whether you are a man or a woman. Whether you are a single traveler or visiting a new place, remember that it entails danger; therefore, always prioritize your safety.

It is advisable to go in a group at this time since there is safety in numbers. You will not be scammed and will be able to stroll to the hotel late at night; you will be able to care after each other’s possessions.

Before you visit, conduct research to find less safe areas of town. Choose a hotel that is easily and safely accessible to eateries. Have a few drinks; after all, you’re on vacation, but don’t overdo it.

  1. Share the Experience

This is the most major benefit of traveling in a group. Humans tend to convey their feelings to those around them; otherwise, they will not feel valued. When you are alone, there will be no one to enjoy the breathtaking vistas with you and no one to photograph you. You have to dine and go alone since you can’t trust anyone with your cameras or phone; you’ll appreciate the isolation, but it won’t last long.

In a group, though, everyone enjoys the trip, creating lifetime memories and cracking jokes, doubling the enjoyment.


Black Girls On The Go

Shay Sane, the founder of Black Girls On The Go, has been using travel as a safe space for other black women to break the taboo and discuss their mental health journeys since 2014. Their purpose is to help black women prioritize their mental health via traveling.

The Black Travel Summit, National Alliance of Mental Illness, Pinellas County, Florida (In Progress), Invisible Disabilities Association, Transformational Travel Council, Black Self Care Talk, Mental Health Professionals, and Organizations are all involved with the organization.

The BGOTG aims to assist women in healing from mental traumas by enabling their travel trips.

When visiting a new location, they should be your go-to source! You may learn more about them by visiting their website!

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