“If they win, I win; if they lose, I lose.” Brock Frost on becoming a renowned mortgage broker


Every career that you choose needs all your consistency and attention. To mark oneself as successful and renowned in their profession is no less than grasping scattered straws. If you are an artist, politician, scientist, engineer, or real estate investor, you should always strive to be the best.

The mortgage and real estate industry is no joke when it comes to getting started there and making a name for yourself because only a few emerge as the winner. One such winner is Brick Frost, who has managed to beat the stereotypes of real estate investors and mortgage brokers. We have decided to ask him about his journey and found a few exciting things about him.

Introducing Brock Frost

It all started in 2011 when 30-year-old Brock Frost bought a beat-up duplex home for $138,000 in Cornwall, Ontario. For this purchase, he uses his credit line as a down payment. He renovated the place and sold it, gaining more than he had spent. Instantly, Frost becomes obsessed with the process.

That is why Frost decides to invest his mind and money into buying and borrowing many properties from private lenders, renovating properties and refinancing them, using vendor-take-back mortgages, joint venture partners, and everything in between. At 33, he had a portfolio of 20 homes worth a million.

Moving on today, he owns more than 150 units with an approximate market value of $50,000,000, making him become a multimillionaire many times over due to the success of his real estate investments.

But when asked about his achievement, he said, “I am just getting started. I still have the same hustle I started with 11 years ago, now just with a lot more experience, knowledge, credibility, and cash behind me.”

And with the hustle he started with 11 years ago, Frost’s work ethic will also help take him to new places. To know more about his work ethics, here is what Frost said about them.

Taking care of the investor’s money as their own

When investing your money in buying property, you will always have doubts. Frost knows that, so his priority is not to let his investor’s money go in vain, and he has the method. He invests his own into each project, which creates credibility and a sense of security for his equity partners.

He says, “If I believe a project is good for my investor’s money, I better be prepared to put my own money into the game too.If they win, I win; if they lose, I lose. My money is just as important as theirs.”

Live a life that is free of Debts

Though he has ventured on countless mortgage projects, Brock Frost has no debt burden over his shoulders. He believes in living debt free, “When you live debt free, not only do you save money in wasted interest, but you have absolute control over your finances as you don’t owe anything to anyone. Furthermore, it makes any loan or mortgage application that much stronger.”

Check every that goes outside and comes inside

As an entrepreneur, managing finances is one of the harshest things to tackle, but to make your business work, you have to keep track of every that is spent. Frost checks his bank accounts, keeps records of all the transactions that hold him accountable, and allows you to plan for the future correctly. “Proper books can do volumes in which areas of your investment career need adjustments, which are performing well and help create strategies for future deals. I have never met anyone who is financially free yet at the same time unorganized with their record keeping. The two cannot exist together.”

Work with clarity

One of the most disciplined work ethics that Frost has is everything going on during the business process; the client should have sound knowledge of it, which is essential to build trust. “Being transparent with the project, in general, puts everyone at ease and allows for better group collaboration if major decisions need to be made. It also creates a sense of community and aids in fostering a smoother operation overall.”

Making investing more profitable than expectation

If you want to invest in something, you also expect a reward; Frost makes sure that the investors who work with him should achieve profit more than they expect “I protect my investor’s money at all costs. This is a reputation-based business; if you lose someone’s money, you will be out of work in no time.”

Though these are some of the essential work ethics that Frist practices in his daily life, there are vast amounts of other things he ensures to make his career bloom quickly. It shouldn’t surprise you that Frost has yet to lose on any single real estate project in his career.

We should all practice self-discipline and honest dealing when it comes to becoming a big player in our professions.

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