Leaving A True Love For Money- Is It Right? Find Out What Is Hiding in Joanne M. Favaloro New Book


Leaving A True Love For Money- Is It Right? Find Out What Is Hiding in Joanne M. Favaloro New Book


Leaving A True Love For Money- Is It Right? Find Out What Is Hiding in Joanne M. Favaloro New Book

We all enjoy reading love story novels because they speak directly to us and we can all identify with them in some way. Even if the narrative is not comparable, it transports us to another world and makes us wish to have something similar in our life; hence, each new story communicates directly to us.

Joanne Favaloro has taken it a step further and given him a really mind-boggling novel that will have readers wondering whether we should sacrifice true love for money. This is the most difficult decision a person must make in life. The story begins when a girl falls in love with an irresponsible person and develops a strong affection for him. She fantasizes about marrying him and having a lovely life together. But shortly after, she considers her future and realizes that she would have none with such a boy.

As the story progresses, the girl meets another person who is much more established and serious about his ambitions, and she chooses to marry him over her true love. She eventually marries and has a child after all of this. The girl is overjoyed because she has everything she has ever desired: a settled life, a loving husband, and a kid. She is in a fantasy world, or rather, a fantasy bubble that she is unaware is going to shatter over her head.

Her life is turned upside down when she discovers that her husband, Carlos, is a drug dealer. He was in the government witness protection program, which meant that he wasn’t only a hotheaded Cuban trafficking drugs, but he had also enlisted the help of nice, caring, and naive New Orleans residents. When she challenged him about it, he told her everything, including the fact that this was his source of money and that he was deeply involved in it. So leaving was out of the question.

This shattered the girl, and she reflected on her life and every mistake she had made in the previous years. She also feels horrible for abandoning her real love for him and choosing a responsible man over an irresponsible one. She couldn’t leave Carlos since she was pregnant with his child, but she had to do something because this was not something she wanted to enter into. What is she to do? Should she reconcile with her former boyfriend or terminate the child? This is what you will discover after reading the entire book, as this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Joanne’s book is set to be released in 2022, and you may fully immerse yourself in her characters’ love story to obtain all the answers. She has done a wonderful job of blending emotions with real-world components, making you feel as though you are experiencing it in real life rather than just reading a book. Mark your calendars to obtain all of the Carlos and Joanne love story answers.

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