Everyday Enlightenment by Devi Ward Erickson: Integrating Vajrayana Tantra Practices for Spiritual Growth


Wondering how spiritual growth and daily enlightenment go hand in hand? That is where tantric practices shine. Tantric practices can effortlessly become a part of daily routine, allowing people to experience serenity anytime, anywhere. 

Tantra expert Devi Ward Erickson lives by Vajrayana Tantra practices that unlock the secrets of mindfulness. Devi shares ways to integrate ancient wisdom into modern living on her YouTube channel, Sex is Medicine. She highlights the importance of physical embodiment in spiritual growth, guiding practitioners to align body, mind, and spirit through tantric practices.

Speaking about Vajrayana practices, Devi says they can be performed during any daily activity; walking, talking, sleeping, eating, or even making love! Now, let’s explore some daily Vajrayana practices that contribute to mindful living.

Ngöndro – The Foundational Practice:

Ngöndro is a foundational practice in Vajrayana Tantra designed to pave the way for spiritual elevation. It consists of four transformative steps:

  1.  Refuge and Bodhicitta: 

It is performed through recitation and contemplation, resulting in a deep sense of refuge and altruistic intention.

  1.  Vajrasattva Practice:

This practice involves visualizing Buddha at the top of the head, allowing light to enter the body through energy channels. It purifies negativities such as past karma and generational trauma by visualizing them fade away.

  1.  Mandala Offering: 

Mandala offering is a combination of physical gestures and the recitation of verses that offer the universe as a pure realm, fostering generosity and abundance.

  1.  Guru Yoga: 

Guru yoga is a spiritual practice involving meditation and visualization to connect meaningfully with one’s spiritual teacher. Through this practice, individuals seek to establish a deep and transformative bond that enhances their spiritual journey.

Sharing the benefits of practicing tantra, Devi says, “Practicing tantra while pooping enhances, enriches, and expands even the most basic bodily function. You’re physically sitting there releasing waste and visualizing the purification of your energy body as well.”

Mindful Breathing (Vayu Siddhi):

The mindful breathing techniques of Vajrayana provide a mindful start to the day. It allows one to focus on the breath, making the person feel grounded. Following this, mindful breathing practice sets positive intentions for the day and enables the person to visualize their goals. 

This practice helps create a positive mindset and a sense of purpose. It cultivates calmness through mindful breathing, setting a harmonious tone for the rest of the day. These steps enhance overall well-being and mental focus. 

Devi encourages conscious breathwork to foster mental clarity and emotional balance, setting the stage for deeper spiritual exploration. She encourages individuals to extend mindfulness to their morning routine, performing activities with full awareness. 

Empowerment through Mantras (Mantra Siddhi):

Mantra Siddhi represents the highest level of proficiency in mantra recitation and practice. It is a transformative experience that leads to expanding spiritual power and realizing one’s true purpose. Pairing tantric practices with the potency of sacred sounds with mantra practices invokes divine energies and heightens spiritual awareness. 

Devi encourages chanting mantras tailored to personal journeys, allowing for a personalized and impactful spiritual experience.


In the skilled hands of Devi Ward Erickson, Vajrayana Tantra unfolds as a comprehensive guide to everyday enlightenment. She empowers individuals to integrate ancient wisdom into their daily lives through these practices. The journey with Devi opens doors to a more prosperous, more spiritually aligned existence fostering empowerment and connection.

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