How to apply for your first UK driving licence?


Moment, it`s feasible to have interaction with a variety of authorities offerings on-line. Your first  driving licence application is one example of commodity that may be looked after out a whole lot greater efficaciously nowadays at the web, in comparison to offline.

This accomplice will speak you via all of the manner to use for a using licence on-line, the files you`ll want, and the way to modernize your licence info as soon as you’ve got got finished your operation


What you`ll need to for your application

An identification card comparable as a legitimate UK passport

Addresses in which you’ve  got lived over the past 3 years

A debit card to pay to your on-line application

Your national insurance variety

 Step 1 Applying to your first using licence

Visit the GOV.UK DVLA section

You’ll see a listing of car and motorist options. Click on Driving Licences.

Also click on on Apply to your first driving licence.

 Step 2 Registration

You’ll automatically  be diverted to the DVLA homepage. To begin your operation, click on on Register.

Step 3 Filling on your operation

Then, a shape is provided and you `ll want to fill out a many info.

Make positive you kind in all relevant records with inside the bins and click on at the drop down menus to finish the operation. When you are happy  and you’ve checked everything, click on on Next.

Step 4 National Insurance and passport info

Once you’ve got got cleared this phase you will want to fill in safety info to verify your identification.

When you’ve got got finished, click on on Next and you will additionally be taken to the National Insurance phase of your operation.

Furnishing your National Insurance variety will assist to reuse your operation more quickly.However, DVLA will essay to corroborate and authenticate your identification with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Her Majesty’s Profit and Customs (HMRC), If you input your National Insurance number.However, it could have an effect on in you having to shoot them sparkling paper attestation, comparable as unique identification files, If DVLA are undeserving to corroborate your identification.

Step 5 Print Identity

The ultimate step to finish this a part of the operation is the print and hand phase.

The DVLA now best trouble print card licences. You can furthermore shoot it to DVLA via a postal operation or you may pick to permit DVLA to recoup your passport print and hand from Her Majesty`s Passport Office.

Step 6 Eligibility

To practice for a brand new using licence, you want to stay with inside the UK. Confirm your UK occupancy repute via way of means of opting Yea or No to the questions provided.

Next, you may be requested a many questions on your functionality to drive. This consists of questions on your sight, in addition to health to drive.

At the quit of the phase you want to finish a scientific protestation. Add your specific dispatch cope with to have the proof of your operation transferred on your inbox.

Step 7 Protestation and application completion

When you are glad with everything, verify your operation via way of means of clicking at the test box. You can pass lower back on your operation via way of means of clicking on Former.If you want to know more about driving licence application or provisional licence application please visit our website

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