“Hollywood Pompeii” The Connect


Hollywood Pompeii is not only a very popular director | videographer but also one of the industry’s most reliable connects when it comes to putting independent artists and creators in major situations. Hollywood Pompeii has a track record of getting artists major press, features, and has even gotten a few artists some major deals. It’s no wonder they call Hollywood Pompeii “The Connect”, a name given to him by the late great Fred the Godson.

Since Hollywood Pompeii’s grand opening of Hollywood Pompeii studios, he has changed so many lives. Not only has he created a way for aspiring artists to make a name for themselves but has also helped people with an interest in the entertainment industry develop their brand and take their business to the next level. Hollywood Pompeii has helped independent film makers, directors, and even aspiring A&Rs like Jay Baggs of Its Gorgeous Musique reach new professional heights. Any aspiring Indies in the entertainment industry looking to get major exposure should definitely tap in with Hollywood Pompeii.

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