Content Creator and Nature Lover Jason Borkland’s Fantastic Digital Photography Is Up for the Grabs


A vast audience avidly follows marine conservationist Jason Borkland’s adventures on social media. Be it his lifelong connection with automation, the thrill of experiencing the world from the air, or his passion for diving and swimming with the gentle underwater giants, Jason intends to live life in pursuit of continuous adventure. And his bold and daring nature compels him to play a significant role in saving our planet. 

The social media sensation rose to fame with his Instagram content, creating much-needed awareness around ocean conservation and marine life.

As a certified diver, Jason contributes a great deal to the research and documentation of the underwater world. His photography and videography skills have gained immense public support in a short time and have won him the Gopro award multiple times. He has also filmed with some of the best industry, from Nat Geo to the Discovery channel.

Jason’s collection of digital images is truly mind-blowing. You will find the yellow striped snipper in the healthy ecosystems in Northern Costa Rica, the delicate moon jellyfish in the Gulf of Mexico, a happy turtle eating his lunch in San Pedro, Belize, and many others. All images are authentic pieces of art and are sure to take you on the journey alongside Jason’s diving expeditions. Apart from bringing the true essence of the underwater world to imagery, Jason wishes to make more people fall in love with the beautiful aquatic animals as he has.

Jason aspires to allow the masses to experience the underwater wonders through his eyes. He understands that he has been blessed with an adventurous spirit, skills, and opportunities not many have. All of Jason’s photographs were taken during his expeditions and capture life underwater like anyone’s ever seen before. The best part is you can buy these digital masterpieces here: you’d better hurry before they all sell out. 

The technical diver further involves himself with global efforts focused on shark research and marine conservation. His association with Fins Attached, a Colorado-based nonprofit, allowed him to participate in numerous fundraising activities to advance the cause of marine preservation and education. 

Watch his space on Instagram here and explore the underwater world through his lens. And if you wish to own a piece of it, check out his digital photography shop. You will be amazed at how beautiful life under the deep blue sea is.

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