Current State of Orphans in Ukraine 2022

Orphans refer to children whose parents have died. Generally speaking, a child who has lost both parents due to death is called an orphan. The number of orphans in Ukraine today creates an unusual prospect. The statistical system is also seen to identify the number of numbers in the last few years that have been revised. Orphans are generally susceptible to a variety of long-term emotional problems, including feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, and sadness, and are more prone to withdrawal and self-isolation. These psychological problems are mainly caused by the failure to cope with their feelings of loss.


Now let’s find out why Ukraine has so many orphans which create a disturbing situation;

Russia’s military campaign prompted nearly a million children to flee to Ukraine, but most children in institutional care remain in the country. These children are currently among the most vulnerable in Ukraine and face a high risk of trafficking, abuse and other forms of exploitation.

According to the statistics of Ukraine!

According to current statistics, there are between 70,000 and 110,000 orphans in Ukraine. Calculations show that an orphan dies every three days, because the excess number of orphans is too high and they do not receive the necessary medical care. More than 650 institutions have been set up across the country for these orphans. Most of these children are ‘Social Orphans’. Mixed boarding schools are primarily for orphans and children from families living in poverty and can be considered a catch-all for children of every background and need.

Why are there so many Orphans in Ukraine?

Ukraine is an Eastern European country that gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Along with this freedom movement came instability and economic turmoil. On the one hand there is evidence of the economy growing, on the other hand millions of people still live in poverty across Ukraine. It is often seen that most of the children feel the worst effects of this instability and economic instability. Let’s go into more detail about Disturbing Situation of UKRAINE;


1/ The cause of unemployment


There were many Soviet-era factories that have closed down. As a result people are left without any means of earning income.


2/ Poverty causes illness and poor medical care

With no jobs or government welfare left behind, people struggled to find money to buy food, clothing and medicine. There are many who also lose their homes. The early death of their parents also leaves many children in Ukraine orphaned due to lack of access to specialized health care.


3/ Decline of social programs and causes of alcoholism

Since the old Soviet daycare programs are gone and there is no specific established private industry to care for children, children are left in a very neglected state. Many children in Ukraine are orphaned, abandoned by their parents in hospitals or taken in by the state to provide enough alcohol for the child.

4/ Other social problems and causes of crime

Mainly because of abuse and neglect, children live in Ukrainian orphanages where a number of social services take them in to provide them with a safe environment. Given the desperate state of the economy, many people are turning to crime to survive. Many are recaptured and end up in prison. Many of their children are either left with single parents who struggle to provide for their families or have no parents at all.


Ukrainian orphans face a grim future

It is very difficult for children to live in Orphans in Ukraine. As they come from backgrounds that are usually complicated and due to lack of proper parental care. So their situation is seen to go from bad to worse.
The reason for this terrible plight in Ukraine is that many orphans have nowhere to go and are so neglected. Currently 60-70% of Ukrainian orphans are involved in prostitution and various organized crimes. 20% of children who graduate from intermediate at age 16 spend their lives in prison. 10% attempt suicide due to various depressions. Less than 1% go on to university or higher education. The rest became addicted to alcohol and created yet another generation for the orphanage.
Ultimately we believe the real solution is a long-term process. Holistic care of children with whole community support including lifelong care will play a big role in this. But providing such care is not easy in a relatively newly independent country like Ukraine. This requires a hands-on commitment from both local and international organizations, as well as a recognition that the plight of Ukrainian orphans is the responsibility of the Ukrainian people.

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