Benefits Of A Spring Loaded Pins


The pogo pin spring loaded pin is one of the most durable electrical connectors used in electronic tools. They can withstand mechanical shock, vibration, and temperature changes. A pogo pin has an integrated spring that applies a consistent force against the mating receptacle or contact plate to prevent movement that could cause momentary disconnections. This prevents rusting and also makes it ideal for high-frequency applications.


Pogo pins are a popular and reliable electrical connector used in modern electronic devices for their superior durability and resilience to mechanical shock and vibration. They are also known for their ease of assembly and removal, as well as their low resistance and compliant design. A pogo pin is a spring-loaded pin that consists of a plunger, a barrel, and a spring. The plunger moves inside the barrel when force is applied, and the barrel holds the plunger to prevent the spring from pushing it out.

Plungers for pogo pins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications and connection needs. To select the best plunger style for your application, use our Plunger Shape Key. The plunger on a spring loaded pogo pin is a clever combination of an innovative design, material and manufacturing process. This provides a reliable, compact, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications across Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Communications, Defense and Transportation industries.


The barrel of a pogo pin spring loaded pin is usually made of brass or copper and plated with nickel to improve contact resistance. Gold plating is also used in some cases. The pogo pin connector is one of the most widely used types of electrical connectors in both industrial and consumer applications. They are often used in Bluetooth sets, smartwatches, and power banks among other electronic devices.

In addition, the connector is known for its high durability and tolerance which makes it a preferred option in intelligent electronic designs. Moreover, the connector is relatively easy to assemble and can be used for a wide range of connection applications. The pin also has a mating receptacle, or target, which it engages to complete the connection path. This can be a separate component in the connector assembly or a plated area on a printed circuit board.


A pogo pin spring loaded pin is an incredibly durable electrical connector mechanism known for its ability to provide and maintain an electrical connection that is resilient to mechanical shock and vibration. A typical pin is comprised of 3 main components, a plunger, barrel and a spring. When force is applied, the spring compresses, allowing the plunger to move into the barrel. This allows the pin to engage the mating receptacle, which is also referred to as the target or land.

The target or land is a flat or concave metal surface that the pin engages. It may be a separate component in the connector assembly or simply a plated area of a printed circuit board. The pin’s other major role is to dispense the signal or control voltage to complete the connection. Mill-Max manufactures a wide variety of these components in a number of styles and plunger types to meet the needs of any application.


A pogo pin spring loaded pin is a type of electrical connector mechanism that has become increasingly popular in a variety of digital devices. They are small in size and also relatively inexpensive, making them a convenient solution for a variety of electronic device applications.

In order to establish a secure connection, the pogo pin spring loaded pin requires a mating receptacle that it can engage. This is called a target or land and is usually a separate component in the complete connector assembly or simply a plated area of the printed circuit board.

The target is fabricated by turning and spinning a precision part without the need for a mold, allowing for smaller quantities to be produced at a lower cost than other contacts. This makes them ideal for applications that require a reliable, high quality, low resistance solution. However, there are some potential downsides to using this type of port. Knowing what these are can help you choose which type of port is best for your project.

Final Thought

Spring loaded pins are an efficient electrical connection solution that provides resistance to shock and vibration. They are also a good option for applications that require a quick-release fastener. Typical applications include test sockets and compression-style board-to-board connectors for telecom, automation, medical, aerospace and military equipment. They offer many benefits, including space savings, “one-touch” attachment and removal, and high durability.

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