Believing in Oneself Can Do Wonders: Introducing Dr. Howard Gitlow


Believing in Oneself Can Do Wonders: Introducing Dr. Howard Gitlow

It takes the right amount of confidence, sense of responsibility, self-accountability, faith, and trust to pursue one’s dreams. The amalgamation of these personality traits emerges as a person grows and develop their path towards success. The essential key to success is possessing the personality traits and ensuring a stable belief to achieve one’s dreams. Individuals who understand the importance of becoming a stable human being understand that it is a never-ending journey. The journet naturally leads towards helping, motivating, and encouraging others to do the same. One such individual who has managed to stand out with his synthesis of “Deming-based Lean Six Sigma Management” theory is Dr. Howard Gitlow.

Staying Firm on His Belief

Born on October 26, 1947, Dr. Gitlow was brought up in the United States of America. His family supported his education and passion for pursuing his dreams. He completed his Ph.D. in Statistics in 1974, MBA in 1972, and BS in statistics in 1969 from New York University.

As Dr. Gitlow matured and studied Dr. Deming’s theory of Management he decided he wanted to live theory-based life controlled by his neo-cortex, rather than an emotionally-based life controlled by his amygdala. To him, the theory-based life creates a pathway toward his mission in life which is to “generate positive energy into the universe.” Today, he encourages his students to work hard, believe, and most importantly, practice living a theory-based life based on Dr. Deming’s theory of management.

A Journey to achieve dreams

For Dr. Gitlow, every successful individual who was connected to Deming-based Lean Six Sigma Management, is his legacy. Dr. Gitlow went out of the way to spread Deming-based Lean Six Sigma Management theory to corporations, universities without courses in Deming-based Lean Six Sigma Management, and individuals who want to be certified in Deming-based Lean Six Sigma Management. He applies his specialization in Six Sigma Management, Dr. Deming’s theory of management, Japanese Total Quality Control, and Lean Thinking.

Dr. Gitlow is a Professor of Management Science, Miami Herbert School of Business, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. He was a Visiting Professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University between 2007 and 2014, and a Visiting Professor at the Science University of Tokyo in 1990, where he studied with Dr. Noriaki Kano.

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