Where Should I Look For The Greatest Coworking Space?


If you’re a digital nomad looking for the best coworking space in Bali in 2022, this piece will explain what to look for and provide some recommendations. There are currently 4.8 million self-employed digital nomads. As additional 17 million people express an interest in living on the road, the trend of remote workers will continue to grow.

A suitable coworking space is in high demand as a result of this new way of life. Cities reacted quickly to the needs of remote workers, building coworking facilities to meet their needs. Of course, as with any lifestyle, it has negatives, such as a lack of social interaction. Many remote employees, whether working from their homes or hotel rooms, feel isolated and lonely. However, working in a coworking space can assist to change this.

This guide will help you determine what to search for if you’re a digital nomad looking for the finest coworking space. We’ll also provide some coworking space recommendations in Bali. The main benefits of coworking are productivity, socializing, and professionalism.

Users can work efficiently and productively throughout the day in well-designed coworking facilities. When staying in a hotel or traveling with others, this removes distractions. Working efficiently also allows you to spend more time traveling and discovering new locations. Loneliness is a key disadvantage of the digital nomad lifestyle for some. This is an area where coworking can help. You may meet new people, collaborate, and share ideas by working in a coworking space.

5 tips for selecting a suitable coworking space

It’s difficult to pick the best coworking hub for you when there are so many options in different regions. These five tips can help you select a coworking space that is right for you and your needs:

  • Establish your specifications.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • A coworking schedule
  • Be aware of your working style.
  • Costs of coworking spaces

1. Establish your specifications

Amenities are critical while looking for the ideal coworking space for you. Make a list of your requirements so you can compare what various Coworking spaces in Bali have to offer. Whether you need a desk, a private office, fast WiFi, or dining facilities, we’ve got you covered.

A shared private office space in a coworking facility, for example, can be excellent if you’re traveling with a group of remote workers. They allow you to hold team meetings without bothering your coworkers. Hot desks, on the other hand, might be ideal if you travel alone and don’t mind changing offices every day.

In some coworking spaces, dining options such as coffee shops and cafes are offered. This may be a wonderful way to meet new people while you’re between tasks for lunch.

2. Take into account your surroundings

Take a peek around the site before you start traveling. While some towns have adapted to the digital nomad lifestyle, others have not. Coworking spaces, for example, are still scarce in certain major cities.

Check how far your accommodation is from the coworking space. Every day, you don’t want to travel a long distance to and from your lodge. If you find a fantastic coworking space in your chosen city, you might consider looking for property in the same area. Look into whether or not the place offers coliving!

3. A coworking schedule

Compare your chosen working hours to the timetable of the coworking space. You might be a night owl who prefers to work late or require an early start in your private office space, for example. Each coworking space operates on its own schedule. Some are open around the clock, while others are only open during standard business hours.

4. Recognize your preferred method of collaboration.

Understanding the style of a coworking space is crucial for remote employees. It’s also critical to understand your preferred working style. Some Coworking spaces in Bali encourage collaborative work, which results in additional noise. This work style may be distracting to some employees.

Others have a range of areas, from private to shared office space, but are usually quieter. This may be a better option if you need to change your working environment and focus on intense work.

5. Costs of Coworking Space

The cost of coworking space varies by city and region. Think about your budget and the amenities you’ll get. Consider how much time you’ll be spending in the coworking space, whether it’ll be full day or simply a few hours a week.

Payment choices in coworking spaces include hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly rates. If you locate a coworking space that you like, make a savings plan. Most coworking spaces provide a free trial period so you can see if you like it.

Coworking spaces in Bali

Digital nomads can enjoy a variety of benefits in Bali. Anyone interested in living and working in the country can apply for a digital nomad visa. It also invented e-Residency, which allows digital nomads to start and run enterprises in the EU from anywhere in the globe. While e-residents are not obliged to visit Bali in order to join the program or start a business, they are always welcome! It’s a fantastic chance to network with new business partners, clients, and staff.

By 2022, new coworking spaces and digital nomad hotspots will crop up as more individuals travel and work online. So keep an eye out for new coworking spaces all across the world.

We hope that this 2022 digital nomad guide has assisted you in finding your ideal coworking space. Are you interested in learning more about the advantages of working from home? Learn more about the exciting new world of digital nomads. If becoming a digital nomad and traveling the world is on your 2022 bucket list, we’ve put together a list of 7 methods to work while on the road.

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