Unlocking the Secret to Eternal Life: The Mysterious Power of Pyramids


It may come as a surprise to you that connecting with the pyramid can provide you with advantages because it possesses healing power. Sri and Kira are on a mission to serve others by using their spiritual understanding and bodily control to bring calm into their lives by reducing day-to-day anxieties. They are constructing the world’s largest Golden Ratio Bamboo pyramid with unique aspects so that the people may benefit from the therapeutic aspect as well as the indigenous communities and individuals that reside there.bolsa de pierna decathlon
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The Secret

Sri and Kira have tapped into old cosmic wisdom and rewritten the body’s course. This is a gift for all humans, not just them because they have a purpose in their lives and are demonstrating this gift to all of them. Their real Mastery Yoga of Self-Ascension methodology will help you understand the truth about reverse aging and tremendously profit from it. They work together to raise consciousness via Peace (Shanti), Love (Bhakti), and Joy (Ananda). They believe that each human being carries a whole holy universe inside them that is of such heavenly value that it may help spiritual searchers recover via it. This is the point at which the journey transcends orthodoxy and sparks Direct Mystical Experience.

Sri and Kira embody the Art of Ascended Living by demonstrating Universal Citizenship. They live in Ecuador’s TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary. Throughout their years of service, they have assisted over 1000 people with their healing journeys and in bringing peace into their lives.

Everything You Need Is Right Here

You can come across services that are very new and all under one roof. You can attend the activities that are held to promote peace and ask others to participate. They have an ongoing initiative called “Buy A Brick Pyramid Of Peace,” in which you may leave a lasting impression by saying your name on the break, which will be placed within the pyramid of peace to remember your presence. Aside from that, you may also join them on the Global Minga, which is for ALL of humanity.“We support projects that are fueled through the passionate action of many beings working together. These projects begin in our own backyards and extend to the whole of the planet.”

This open-mindedness and forward-thinking have enabled them to modernize their ideas and aid millions. All of the concepts will eventually have a positive influence on the earth, allowing humans to attract positive energies and fully eradicate bad ones. For example, tribes in Ecuador have come up to create the Pyramid of Peace, a 72-foot-tall pyramid that will support our planet and cure humanity. This pyramid is created in the traditional Bahareque style, which incorporates the yin and yang of mother Gaia herself.

All you have to do to help them on their quest and mark your presence for a brighter future is to go to their website and read more about it. If you are seeking healing classes, you can discover all of the courses mentioned on the website that may help you be a peace practitioner in the comfort of your own home.

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