The Rugged Look With Ripped Jeans


Has it ever been fashionable to lady’s distressed jeans? Not really, and even if it did, it quickly resurfaced. When Shakira danced in her brown ripped pants to ‘Whenever Wherever,’ it was a rage in the 1990s and it took the globe by storm.


Black ripped jeans are really popular right now. It is referred to as “shabby fashion” by Indians. It has been successful in most nations and is catching up in others. Teenagers, in particular, are obsessed with this style, and they know exactly what looks well on them without being affected by current trends.


The best part is that you can achieve the look by repurposing old clothes. Take an old pair of pants and rip them open. Thighs, knees, and calves should all have ripped. It may require some patience, but it is relatively simple. Is it possible for fashion to become more inexpensive during the current economic downturn? The style is cool, stylish, sophisticated, and cost-effective. They’re ideal for traveling, lounging, or a casual get-together with friends.


It’s all about your mindset and how effectively you can pull off the look. Body piercing, body art, and tattoos are all very ‘in,’ and a pair of tattered jeans go perfectly with the style. A plain T-shirt can be worn with ripped jeans for lady. Though blue jeans are stylish, black ripped jeans are even more so. You may dress it up with a big watch or some fantastic shoes. Wear your hair scruffy for a classic style or a street look. However, avoid using any showy or strong colors in the overall style. Remember that the most crucial accessory with ripped jeans is an attitude of “I don’t care.”


Jeans That Have Been Ripped and Those That Have Been Patched


Since the 1970s, ripped jeans have been a fashion statement. During the 1970s, many people preferred to distort their jeans to stand out from the crowd. Surprisingly, baggy ripped jeans were eventually accepted by the public. Ripped and patched jeans have become part of the fabric of American culture today. From the dorm room to the boardroom, the art studio to the art opening, and the vegetable garden to the garden gala, both styles are now acceptable.


The truth is that we enjoy abusing our jeans. Jeans have been ripped, bleached, shrunk, permanently pressed, cut off, torn, shredded, distressed, sanded, stone washed, and acid-washed since they were invented. They’ve been meticulously stitched, beaded, patched, painted, and sequined, on the other hand. Our favorite article of clothing and we have a fascinating relationship. Our faithful jeans have stood by us through good and difficult times. We still adore them.


Oversized Women’s Jeans

Because there are so many options nowadays, the main issue is choosing the right bottoms. There are some female ripped jeans on the market nowadays that are overly tight, exposing the trouble regions of big ladies. If you’re a regular viewer of Oprah, you’ve probably already picked up on Trinny and Susannah’s advice that tiny pants don’t look good on any woman. Even though ladies in the latest slim jeans are featured in magazine spreads, TV advertising, and billboards, experts argue that no woman can carry those trousers. Loose-fitting, tapered, or so-called baggy pants, on the other hand, will not flatter a large woman’s body. Many American women, according to the duo, make the mistake of dressing in tapered pants from the 1980s. However, ill-fitting pants can make you appear larger than you are.


Looking for comfort in the cut is a safer method to achieve stylish dazzle. Skinny ripped jeans with a nice cut highlight the right forms and bring out the best features of your body and personality. Oversized women can choose flared or bootleg cuts so that the outward bottom part of the trousers may balance out their flaws, which are typically situated in the midsection and thighs.


Aside from the cut, big ladies can make their pants sexier by selecting the proper style, pattern, or color. Pants without or less flamboyant pockets could be worn for balance by curvy or voluptuous women with huge butts to show. Light colors should also be avoided as much as possible because they emphasize the gravity of the big person. By taking into account all of these factors, large women can appear stunning in the coolest pair of jeans.


In The End

This brings us back to the 1970s when the free love movement was at its peak, the United States experienced an outpouring of denim love. Americans used lady’s ripped jeans to convey their hopes, political views, and religious convictions in a visual way. Levi’s hosted a denim art contest in 1974, and thousands of people entered.

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