Meet Model and Actor Adel Serhal


Adel Serhal was passionate about becoming a model, even before the age of 18 he already started to put himself in the media’s eye by taking on smaller roles as an extra in multiple short films and ads. Adel Serhal is a well-known name as a professional actor and freelance model in Ukraine.holdbarhet nespresso kapsler
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Adel had always been ambitious and nurtured the dream of being successful in the fashion world.  Having the looks and the talent for it, very soon he bagged several brand shoots and assignments.

He was selected as the brand ambassador of many reputed brands and soon became a popular face for hoardings in Ukraine. Not the one to limit his talent to just one field, Adel Serhal has ventured into other related fields too. He has starred in multiple TV shows, cinema, and TV ads and participated as a panelist in TV news discussions. He has also featured in various newspapers and magazines.

What started as a passion and career option for Adel Serhal now keeps him completely engaged with a surfeit of assignments. Being the meticulous planner that he is, Adel ensures that he manages his work life and family life with a balanced approach not sacrificing one for the other.

Ukraine’s modeling career must be improved in order for him to be able to build on his already strong foundation and achieve further success. Due to the fact that he has previously achieved success in this area, he is presently far ahead of schedule in his ambitions in this field.

Aside from looking for short films to get his career started, Adel Serhal is a supporter of and would want to model for major brands.  He really family oriented and hopes to create a legacy long term. Adel is open to experimenting with a range of different brands to model for. Designer, and local.  Adel Serhal concentrates on re-energizing himself after each attack and then moves on to the next step and is well on his way to doing so.

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