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[United State, 28 of March, 2024] – Markone Contractors serves as a trusted partner for property owners, offering top-notch services designed to elevate and rejuvenate architectural spaces. With a mission to enhance the beauty, functionality, and longevity of buildings, Markone stands out as the premier provider of comprehensive exterior services in Florida.

Markone is a leading provider of comprehensive building enhancement services in Florida, specializing in concrete restoration, impact windows installation, exterior painting, and stucco application for both residential and commercial properties. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for enhancing architectural spaces, Markone transforms structures into enduring works of art, enhancing their beauty, functionality, and longevity.

Specializing in a wide range of services, Markone Contractors utilizes premium-quality materials sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring results that not only look impressive but also withstand the test of time and the elements. With a team of skilled professionals dedicated to exceeding expectations, Markone Contractors offers the following services:

Concrete Restoration: Markone Contractors is your trusted partner in premier concrete restoration services. With years of industry experience, their team specializes in a comprehensive range of concrete restoration services, including rebar restoration, concrete repair/replacement, crack sealing and repair, expansion joint installation and repair, and fiber-reinforcement polymer (FRP) composite systems. From initial assessments to project completion, Markone Contractors employs a holistic approach, addressing every facet of concrete structures to provide tailored solutions that meet specific needs.

Roofing Services: Understanding that the exterior of a property leaves a lasting impression, Markone Contractors offers top-notch exterior painting services for multi-family, residential, and commercial buildings. With a skilled team of painters and a commitment to quality, they transform properties into masterpieces that stand out. Whether it’s multi-family housing or single-family homes, Markone Contractors enhances curb appeal with professional painting services that bring vibrancy and protection to exteriors.

Stucco Repair: Markone Contractors has earned a solid reputation for offering efficient stucco repair services in Florida and surrounding areas. When stucco is damaged or eroded, it requires immediate attention and repair to prevent further damage. Their team gets to the root cause of stucco loosening and damage, starting the restoration process by removing damaged walls and installing new coats and metal laths to enhance durability and protection.

Exterior Painting and Pavers: Transforming the exterior of properties into works of art, Markone Contractors offers exterior painting services that refresh current color schemes or provide complete makeovers. With premium paints and meticulous techniques, their skilled painters breathe new life into building facades.

Impact Windows: Markone Contractors provides top-notch impact window installation, repair, and replacement services for both residential and commercial projects. With expertise in projects of all sizes, they ensure the safety, security, and aesthetic enhancement of properties. Their skilled team handles projects from single-family homes to large commercial developments, providing peace of mind knowing that properties are safeguarded against the elements.

“We pride ourselves on delivering not just services but transformative experiences,” says Markone CEO, at Markone Contractors. “Our dedicated team is committed to exceeding your expectations, ensuring that your property stands out with lasting beauty and resilience.”

Markone, a distinguished leader in the realm of exterior services, announces its unwavering commitment to excellence in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functional integrity of properties. With a steadfast dedication to quality craftsmanship and a passion for revitalizing structures, Markone proudly stands as the premier provider of comprehensive exterior solutions.

Specializing in an array of services, Markone is poised to transform both residential and commercial buildings, ensuring they stand the test of time with unparalleled durability and visual appeal.

Markone’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets it apart as the go-to choice for all exterior service needs. With a team of skilled professionals and a proven track record of success, Markone continues to raise the bar in the industry, one project at a time.

Markone is a leading provider of comprehensive exterior services, specializing in concrete restoration, impact windows, exterior painting, and stucco services for residential and commercial properties. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for enhancing property aesthetics and functionality, Markone delivers superior craftsmanship and unmatched customer satisfaction.


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