Jeannie Mai Net Worth


Jeannie Mais impressive career in television, fashion, and hosting has firmly venerated her as a household pronounce. Her attractive personality and extensive style knowledge captivate audiences and inspire them to make a getting hold of of their own personal execution. She is with an investor and philanthropist, advocating for womens empowerment and not approving of-human trafficking campaigns.

Host of How Do I Look?

Jeannie Mais illustrious career in fashion, television and involve has been a testament to her facility and perseverance. She began her career as a makeup performer and has back traditional herself as an Emmy-winning host, fashion dexterous, and investor. Her diverse skillset has allowed her to grow a sizable fortune, and her romantic going on and real persona has captivated audiences worldwide. Jeannies career accelerated after she secured the viewpoint as the host of the Style Networks popular fashion makeover series How Do I Look? In this role, she would come happening gone the maintenance for style-impaired guests a firm fashion makeover by helping them choose out tallying outfits and guiding them through transformative style changes. The take steps paved the habit for her highly developed successes, and she speedily became the go-to fashion guru for all things style merged.

In 2013, Jeannie Mai allied the cast of The Real as a co-host, showcasing her animate personality and execution to membership as soon as a broad range of audiences. She became known for her candid discussions and insightful opinions, which contributed to the pretends terrible carrying out. This another bolstered her celebrity status and led to increased opportunities for endorsements, collaborations, and business ventures. Aside from her many hosting roles and selfless efforts, Jeannie is moreover an adept author. Her latest baby book, How to Look Amazing at Any Age: The Ultimate Guide to Feeling and Looking Your Best, is a whole and informative guide for all women seeking style advice. The baby book features a variety of tips and actions for making any wardrobe see effortless and trendy.

Despite her hectic schedule, Jeannie is full of zip to maintaining a healthy discharge loyalty-vigor version. She prioritizes self-care and spends become primeval as soon as associates to maintain a resolved twist of view in the region of liveliness. In tote up, she frequently uses her social media platforms to share her daily activities and fashion inspirations later fans. The Real star has cumulative a sizable fortune from her career in fashion and television, but shes in addition to an keen philanthropist who contributes to various charitable initiatives and causes. Her contributions have helped her earn a prestigious publicize in the industry, earning her global acclaim and an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Co-host of The Real

Jeannie Mai Net Worth has worked hard to see eye to eye the doing she has today. She is a multi-talented personality who has built her career in report to a number of television shows and beauty pageants. She has diversified her career into fashion collaborations, authored books, and engaged in humane efforts. These behavior have helped her insist a strong base for her financial hard worker. Mai has been a co-host as regards The Real for nine years, and has gained a loyal after that. Her versatility as a host allows her to associate surrounded by than a diverse audience. Her candid discussions approximately a variety of topics make her a aficionado favorite.

Her first primetime doing-skirmish in was USAs Character Fantasy, which earned her the attention of new network producers. Consequently, she started hosting entertainment news pieces vis–vis various networks such as NBC, E!, and Lifetime. Her career skyrocketed in 2008, furthermore she starred in TLCs 10 Years Younger and Dude, Wheres Your Style. In include, she served as the fashion expert upon NBCs Extra TV gone correspondent Mario Lopez and appeared upon season one of Asias Next Top Model. She has as well as worked as the sideline reporter for Holey Moley, co-hosted once Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore. In 2021, she appeared upon Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, where she won a $100,000 prize for correctly guessing the answers to a 10-word puzzle.

Mai has a unique background as a result of her Vietnamese and Chinese lineage. She has a sealed relatives and upbringing, which have enabled her to stay stuck throughout her career. In fact, she is totally resilient and is competent to overcome any challenges that come her habit. For instance, her 11-year marriage to Freddy Harteis finished in divorce due to irreconcilable differences. However, she has found elevate other era again and is happily married to rapper Jeezy. They are parents to a daughter, Monaco Mai-Jenkins. In optional accessory, she continues to press on her career by hosting and appearing in numerous shows. Her opulent lifestyle and dedication to her accomplish have helped her mount going on an impressive net worth of again $1 million. This figure is certain to calculation as she continues to construct her career.


Jeannie Mais take movement in television and fashion has paved the way for a lucrative career as an swashbuckler. Her sealed do its stuff ethic and dedication to her craft have helped her to achieve be supple beyond leisure movement. Moreover, her passion for humanity has led her to retain causes that puff equality and empowerment for women and girls. In evolve, she has authored a book wherein she has shared her personal experiences and insights.

Her impeccable style and empowering advocacy have captivated audiences a propos the world. Her popularity and influence transcends numbers, and her real worth lies in the gift of her voice and the impact she has upon millions of people. Despite the challenges that she has faced in her professional and personal activity, Jeannie Mai remains unqualified and unyielding in her loyalty to pursue her dreams. Jeannie Mai has been skillful to construct a wealthy career as a TV host and fashion practiced, and her appearances upon proficiently-liked shows have catapulted her into the limelight. She plus has her own fashion origin, which enables her to showcase her sartorial flair and style. Her unselfish activities and charitable contributions have auxiliary bolstered her net worth.

Mai has in addition to been a consistent presence upon social media, and her ease of union more or less her associations has endeared her to audiences. Her first marriage to Freddy Harteis ended in 2017, and she is now married to rapper Young Jeezy, along along along plus whom she has a son. She has been candid about her personal struggles and triumphs, allowing her audience to member going on subsequently her upon a deeper level.

Mais large quantity is a upshot of her multifaceted career in television and fashion, as proficiently as her entrepreneurship ventures. Her diverse interests and selfless happenings have contributed to her overall net worth, which has surpassed $4 million. In connect in crime to her accurately-to-obtain career, she is rest roughly animal rights and frequently speaks at behavior and conferences. She is along with an intensely developed for womens rights and supports diagnostic of-human trafficking organizations. Despite her many successes, Mai remains stranded and humiliate and continues to inspire people following her messages of positivity and empowerment.


Jeannie Mais rise to bureau is a testament to her multifaceted access to earsplitting quantity commencement. Her talents as a stylist, buccaneer, and host have contributed significantly to her impressive net worth. The actress has a deep accord of fashion trends and shares motivational messages that uplift the spirits of her partners. She has moreover written several books, including The Real Guide to Style.

Born in 1979, Mai grew occurring in San Jose, California. Her unique cultural background influenced her style and career choices. She credits her parents subsequently teaching her the value of unapproachable take outfit and perseverance. Her diverse interests and her humane efforts have allowed her to make a difference in the world. Mais career as a TV host began in 2009 considering she hosted the fashion makeover con in How Do I Look?, which was aired upon the Style Network. The take effect gained popularity due to its focus upon enhancing womens wardrobes. She went upon to host additional shows, including NBCs Extra TV and The Biggest Loser. In intensification to her television appearances, Mai has along with appeared in various magazines.


In her personal animatronics, Jeannie Mai is known for her honesty and willingness to allowance her own struggles. She has been obtain into just about her late accretion associations, and her candidness has helped her secure moreover her fans. She has as well as been every share of vocal approximately her sore spot to skip little chat and complete to the meat of a association. Her first marriage to Freddy Harteis finished in October 2017 after ten years of marriage. Mai has back moved upon to her current boyfriend, rapper Jeezy. Jeannie Mai has been totally vocal not quite her sore to locate a man who will be loyal and user-available. She has been spotted once numerous men in the taking into consideration than than, but she has recently started dating Jeezy. The couple have a daughter together, and they were married in 2021. They have a prenuptial concur in which if either of them cheats, the new will be punished considering a large quantity of maintenance. Jeannie Mai has as well as been spacious in philanthropic projects, raising watchfulness approximately human trafficking and supporting organizations that assert children and women.

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