Leading Food Blogger Sylvia Fountaine’s Guide to Turn Cooking from Chore to Joy


Cooking can be a chore if you have never really set foot in the kitchen. But hey, you can’t go a day without eating, so why not turn it into a joyful activity? 

Yes, there is joy in eating delicious food, but did you know cooking can be therapeutic and emotionally rewarding as well?

Most modern families are comfortable eating a few staple dishes throughout the week. These dishes are usually dominated by heavily processed items and repeated so often that it becomes plain boring not just to chug it down the throat but also to cook them. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it’s time to change your perception of cooking. And who can help you better than the food expert, former chef and restaurant owner, and leading blogger Sylvia Fountaine? Having more than 25 years of experience in the business, she knows what it takes to make cooking more enjoyable. 

One good look at her blog, “‘Feasting at Home’” and you will get this itch to try your hands at cooking! With fantastic photography, delicious recipes, and incredible nutritional knowledge, Sylvia is the person you must follow if you wish to cook hearty meals without it seeming like a tedious chore.

Revamp your food philosophy 

Sylvia is not someone who will judge you for what you eat. In fact, she firmly believes in experiencing everything. Whether meat or vegetable, moderation and a deep understanding of your body are key to feeling energetic, alive, and joyful. Revamp your food philosophy and build it according to your liking and bodily needs while ensuring it is healthy. As Sylvia  says, “There is no one right way for everyone.”

Enjoy seasonal, local produce

Seasonal local produce has the best flavor and highest nutrient density. In contrast, conventional grocery store produce is modified to look good despite long travels. Sylvia makes her kitchen experience more enjoyable by embracing the seasons and cycles of the earth. It not only adds more nutritional value to the meals but also allows her to stay grounded with her surroundings in the most natural way possible. 

Go global with your food options. 

Another way to spice up your relationship with cooking is by trying out new cuisines. Her globally inspired recipes ensure you can cook a smashing meal through readily available ingredients. As a travel enthusiast and foodie, she has all the right information to take you around the world right in the vicinity of your kitchen!

Comfort food is real

Don’t shy away from comfort food, says Sylvia. Yes, we all have a particular liking or craving that comforts our souls. No matter how much people tell you to stick to a plain diet and not mix pleasure with it, Sylvia believes indulging in a few comfort food recipes improves your relationship with cooking. It is a great way to allow your mind and body to be content with what you eat.

Cook with Sylvia Fountaine

Lastly, if you are really looking to turn cooking into an enjoyable experience, Sylvia Fountaine’s blog is an excellent place to start. She’s got you covered with her delicious recipes that touch the soul without hurting the body. Check out her website here and subscribe to her free meal plan.

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