Latest travel advisories for Hong Kong


We’ve enhanced preventative measures given the rearmost COVID-19 situation. Before your visit, please make yourself apprehensive of the following measures-

.1. Access control and counter blockade conditions

Presently, there are three access control points furnishing regular services. There are specified boarding and mandatory counter blockade conditions for persons arriving in Hong Kong from different places outside the Landmass, including mandatory counter blockade in designated hospices for over to 21 days. Returnees from the Landmass and Macao may suffer their up to a 14- day mandatory counter blockade (with an impunity for those fulfilling certain criteria) at home or other designated places ( including hospices that aren’t designated for counter blockade).
To find further information, please see the Hong Kong Government’s website.

2. Regulation on gatherings and wearing masks

To maintain social distancing, group gatherings in public places of further than four people are banned. The wearing of masks is obligatory in utmost public places including public transport, save for out-of-door public places in country premises.

3. Regulations on caffs and bars

Temporary measures are presently in place for the opening times of caffs and dine-in services and the number of people allowed to dine together. Please see further about the regulations for feeding business, bars and listed demesne including places of public entertainment then.

4. The opening hours of lodestones

Starting from 18 February, some major lodestones, including Ocean Park Hong Kong, Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Noah’s Ark Hong Kong, sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck and MONOPOLY DREAMS ™ are open. From 19 February, Hong Kong Disneyland, some of the galleries under the Rest and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and some venues under the Agedness and Monuments Office are open. Other lodestones including the Peak Tram and the Ngong Ping 360 string auto have acclimated operations. For artistic venues, all of the LCSD’s performance venues will be opened for performances or conditioning with live cult from 19 February with special seating arrangements. Before your visit, please check their separate websites.

5. Resumption of‘ Voyage-to-nowhere’

‘ Voyage-to-nowhere’ planners, which don’t involve anchorages outside Hong Kong, proceeded 30 July 2021 for HK residers. All voyage passengers must be completely vaccinated (at least 14 days have ceased between the final needed vaccine cure and embarkation) before boarding a voyage boat except for those who are pure with medical evidence or progressed below 12. For further information on voyage resumption, please see the Hong Kong Government’s website.

6. Changes to listed events

Some events may be held up or cancelled. Please check with event organizers for further information.

7. Farther trip and health advice

For trip health advice on precluding pneumonia and respiratory tract infection, please visit the Department of Health’s website. Should callers need backing, please speak to us via Visitor Hotline 85225081234 (9 am to 9 pm) or webchat.


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