It’s time to realize the importance of youth culture in marketing; here is why?


Youth marketing can be defined as “any marketing effort directed towards young people.” Youth Marketing can be further broken down into smaller components and typically into smaller segmented groups primarily based on age.

These groups include individuals in their pre-teens, mid and late teens, and young adults. The demographics from these groups are collected, then after analyzing them, the marketing experts make tailored advertisement campaigns about the unique products that target specific audiences.

In recent years, youth marketing has become one of the most powerful tools for advertisers. Platforms like television, Radio, Print, and Social media are used to execute advertisement campaigns. However, there is another platform, influencer marketing, where individuals who are famous in public are used for advertising the product.

How is it important?

There is no difference between understanding the importance of youth marketing and what youth marketing is. According to the reports by MarketingSchools, 2017, “Young people make such valuable consumers because they influence the purchasing decisions of their friends and family.” It is because regardless of the product or service a company is offering, the popularity of the said thing among the youth will always be a top priority.

Teens and young adults now have the power to affect marketers’ decisions and change business dynamics. As a result, businesses now strive to be popular among the youth, giving the status of being calm, which is often required to help companies rise to the top.

Here are a few aspects you have to understand;

Youth marketing is believed to be associated with only big brands and businesses, but this is not the case. Because if you are an owner of a small business and want significant growth in your business, you should always consider marketing among youth.

Local businesses that usually offer discounts and deals to young consumers have seen consumers grow into loyal adult spenders. Explaining it precisely, for example, if your company has no appeal to a young audience of 15 or 16-year-olds like washing machines, there will be a time when these teens will become adults and will one day head into the same store they have seen the advertisement of looking for their first significant appliance a premium warranty!

The other aspect is that in youth marketing, cultural relevance is also essential for your business marketing. Youth are the signs of the future; they are the pioneers of language, fashion, and technology; all these are important traits required in brand marketing because the language and imagery used by the marketer to advertise a business will often reflect the new, fresh and forward-thinking approach that is appealing to youth culture.

It would be best if you never neglected the youth market; you will see your business soar through subtle language, visuals, or a direct campaign approach. One person realizes the importance of youth marketing early in life, i.e., Luke Hodson.

Luke Hodson

Hodson founded Urban Nerds Collective from his London garage in 2013.Luke Hodson is a born and bred Londoner and founder of NERDS Collective, the award-winning youth, and culture marketing agency. Hodson’s vision was to welcome like-minded brands and organizations with a shared desire to champion youth culture as a crucial strategy for future brand success aboard. Converse and Beats by Dre were some of the first brands to understand the opportunity and align with the NERDS vision. Today, Hodson chaperones the likes of Nike and Pernod-Ricard in their efforts to better connect brands more meaningfully with youth and culture. NERDS is a youth marketing agency based in London, specializing in big data, cultural intelligence, and Gen-Z. NERDS core services include insight, strategy, and creativity. The self-funded, 14-employee company saw $1.3 million in revenue last year and expects to bring in $2.6 million in 2016.To learn more, please visit:


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