Hire NERDS Collective For Scaling Up Your Brand Through Youth Marketing


NERDS Collective is bringing youth marketing to a whole new level with its innovative business approach that guarantees success. This marketing agency, founded in 2013, understands the genuine importance of young and assists its customers in scaling up their businesses to achieve success. Until now, they have assisted some of the industry’s biggest names in reaching out to the grassroots community by demonstrating how corporate brands can offer value to their lives. Read this article to learn about their full method.

A Dedicated Platform for Market Research

Nothing can be accomplished if thorough market research is not conducted because the arrow will simply miss its aim. As a result, they created their own platform called Frontline, on which they welcome the youth to provide feedback by asking them which items they are interested in, and so far, 25,000 people have engaged, generating over 7,500 hours of customer evaluations. Frontline is a knowledge hub for comprehending the global, street-culture, high-street consumer; 55% of all Gen Z, moderate to lower socioeconomic class.

All of the information gathered from the Frontline is carefully transformed into tactics before being implemented on the platform. Such planned and detail-oriented steps demonstrate how much they value their clientele. The influence of millennials on social media is great, and one incorrect act may devastate a brand’s reputation. Furthermore, they deliberately target individuals in grassroots communities and inner-city neighborhoods to demonstrate how corporate brands can provide value to their lives. Obviously, these people have the genuine power to increase sales.

Not only that, but NERDS Collective also hosts a podcast called Back2Skool, which helps advertisers learn about the young culture. The series, hosted by agency founder Luke Hodson, invited academics, industry executives, cultural engineers, and consumers to help unravel the motives, attitudes, and beliefs of Generation Z and related subcultures.

The Entire Process

The whole process is divided into four steps: Diagnose – The Challenge, Test – Hypothesis, Prescribe – Strategic Recommendations, and Apply – Creative Solutions. By splitting things down into these phases, they will have the ability to test everything before launching the campaign. The firm assures future-forward insights that are accessed in such a way that it reaches even the most difficult-to-reach audiences in an engaging manner. Their initiatives are co-created with the community culture, allowing them to engage with it.

Because of their dynamic working style, they have collaborated with Puma, Nike, Adidas, Chivas Regal, Havana Club, Budweiser, JBL, Beats By Dre, Levi’s Strauss, The North Face, Lacoste, Lynx, Barbour, and Snipes. They’ve also performed at events with British live acts, including Skepta, Katy B, Tinchy Strider, Roll Deep, Newham Generals, JME, Rudimental, and Ms Dynamite, to mention a few.

NERDS Collective plays an important position in the marketing sector, which has earned them a lot of attention, and people adore how they advertise corporate brands. Brands may earn millions of dollars by marketing themselves in this manner.

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