“It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It”: Mother of Special Needs Child Maria O. Keller Shares Her Journey


Embracing a life that revolves around caring for a special needs child is undoubtedly a journey of perseverance and immense love, often demanding double the dedication compared to parenting a typically abled child.

Such a lifestyle necessitates the ability to adapt to the unique needs of the child while maintaining balance within the family. As a mother of a special needs child and a devoted attorney, Maria O. Keller embodies this reality with profound grace and unwavering strength. She lends her experience and insights to extend support and legal assistance through her practice at The Forsyth Law Firm.

For a significant part of her life, Maria embraced the role of a devoted stay-at-home mom, nurturing her special needs daughter, Jordan. When Jordan was stable enough to attend school, Maria saw an opportunity to employ her journey as a special needs parent to uplift other families confronting similar challenges. This pivotal moment steered her path towards law.

In her mid-forties, Maria took a leap of faith and embarked on her law education. Her tenacity bore fruit when she successfully passed the bar and established her law firm, O’Driscoll Keller Law Group. The firm’s initial focus encompassed divorce, custody modification, Guardian Ad Litem, Will and Estate Plans, Juvenile Law, and Adoption. 

However, Maria quickly identified a pressing need for more comprehensive support for clients with special needs. In response, she initiated a dedicated branch of her law firm, the Special Needs Law Group, which has now evolved into her mainstream venture the Forsyth Law Firm, LLC.

This boutique firm caters to the unique needs of individuals with special conditions, providing comprehensive services that span from birth to adulthood. The Firm’s vision is to enable these individuals to grow into self-reliant members of society, with personalized life-long plans tailored to their specific circumstances. Maria and her team pledge unwavering support for their clients, standing by them every step of the way.

Driven by her personal journey and dedication, Maria is committed to ensuring the well-being of those in her care. She has devised a flexible plan of action for each family she serves, enabling them to establish systems for the long-term care of their special needs children. This strategic planning addresses all foreseeable contingencies, including financial support, guardianship, future employment, and housing. In Maria’s hands, every individual concern of the family and their special needs members is acknowledged and addressed with compassion and expertise.

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