Interesting and sometimes strange facts about the World Cup


Once every 4 years, all the people of the world think about the victory of their country’s national team in the World Cup and these matches become the most watched football event in the world. Of course, despite the great popularity of this sporting event, there are facts about it that few people know. سایت شرط بندی معتبر Maybe knowing these facts will make you enjoy the competitions of this course more. Stay with us.

Facts about the countries qualified for the World Cup

Did you know that so far only countries from Europe and South America have been able to win the World Cup? Amazingly, out of 20 World Cup events, Europeans have been finalists 18 times.

  • Iceland is the country with the least population that has ever participated in the World Cup.
    • So far, only 8 countries have been able to win the championship of the World Cup.
    • The record for the most games played in the World Cup (106 times), the most participation in the final (8 times), the semi-final (13 times) and the quarter-final (16 times), as well as the most goals (224 goals) belongs to Germany.
    • In 2002, the soccer World Cup was held in 2 countries, South Korea and Japan.
    • Uruguay is the only team that won the World Cup without winning the final match!
    • In 1930, Yugoslavia entered the World Cup with the youngest starting line-up. The average age of the players was 21 years and 258 days.
    • In 1998, Germany faced Iran with the oldest starting line-up. The average age of the players was 31 years and 345 days.
    • Despite participating in the 1950 World Cup, the Indian national team withdrew from the competition. Because Indian players only played football with bare feet!
    • Brazil has participated in all World Cup finals so far.
    Facts about the host country
    • The last host country to win the World Cup was France in 1998.
    • During the 20 World Cup competitions, the host country has won the championship title only 6 times.
    • Southeast Asia and the Pacific have never hosted this tournament.
    • For the first time, Qatar will hold the 2022 World Cup in the winter season (calendar).
    • The 2022 World Cup is the most expensive World Cup in history with the cost of 200 billion dollars in construction projects.
    • Qatar will hold matches in air-conditioned stadiums for the first time.
    Interesting facts about the World Cup
    • In 1942 and 1946, the World Cup was not held because of World War II.
    • The main prize of the World Cup is named after the FIFA president who first organized the event, Jules Rimet.
    • Women’s World Cup officially started in 1991 and all matches were 80 minutes long. So far, these competitions have been held 8 times.
    • The host country of the World Cup is chosen by the FIFA executive committee.
    • In addition to the tournament final prize, 6 other prizes are awarded to the players; The best player of the tournament receives the Golden Ball. Silver and bronze balls are also awarded to the second and third place players. The best scorer of the tournament gets gold shoes and the next ones get silver and bronze shoes. The golden glove award will be given to the best goalkeeper and the best young player award will be given to the best footballer under 21 years old.

World Cup records

  • Just Fontane holds the record for most goals in the World Cup with 13 goals in the 1958 tournament.
    • Roger Milla of Cameroon is the oldest player to play in the World Cup.
    • The youngest player to ever play in a World Cup is Norman Whiteside of Northern Ireland, who was just 17 years old at the 1982 games.
    • Luis Monti was the first player to represent 2 countries (Argentina and Italy) in the history of the World Cup.
    • The record for the fastest dismissal belongs to Jose Batista, who entered the field against Scotland in 1986 and received a red card in 56 seconds.
    • French and Brazilian legends Zinedine Zidane and Cafu hold the record for the most yellow cards.
    • Jurgen Klinsmann was the first player to score 3 goals in 3 consecutive World Cups.

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