How to Win the Biggest Progressive Slots Jackpots and How They Develop


Progressive Slot Games: A Quick Overview

Progressive slots became commercially viable for the first time in the early 1980s when microchips were incorporated into slot Games. However, IGT did not release the first multi-site linked progressive slot Games until March 1986. Online slot Game games are straightforward, simple to learn, and exciting to play; this is why both new and seasoned players enjoy them so much.

The principles of playing online slots will be covered in this section, and winning strategies will be covered in Part 2. All you need to know to play online slots is the pay table and how many coins to bet. That’s how easy it is, so let’s quickly go through the foundation.


  • The online slot Game accepts whatever number of slot chips that you like to put in it.
  • The coin value and coin setting for the Game indicate that inserting chips into an online slot Game increases your credit.
  • These progressive jackpots can quickly grow to be quite large because the same jackpot is fed by a number of different Games (which are frequently found in a number of different slots). I’ve heard of สล็อตเว็บตรง where slot players have hit a single progressive jackpot worth more than $8 million.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

Since each wager is subtracted from the progressive jackpot’s development, the payout percentage for regular wins (non-jackpot wins) on these Games is lower than it would be for a typical slot Game. The payout would remain the same, though, if the progressive jackpot were taken into account.

For instance, you would qualify for the progressive jackpot if you played at a slot in Las Vegas on a connected progressive slot Game with a fixed $5 bet every spin. Your money might be divided as follows: $1.25 would go to the slot, 25 cents would go to the progressive jackpot, and $3.50 would go to non-jackpot rewards. Your winnings from the same slot’s non-progressive slot Game would probably be allocated as follows. $3.75 goes to winners and $1.25 goes to the slot.

The example uses a slot payout percentage of 75%, but land-based slot Games frequently have payout rates between 70% and 87%. The payoff percentages offered by online slots, which typically range from 89% to 99.5%, are in sharp contrast to this.

Because of this, at a typical online slot with a 95% payout ratio, $5 wagered on slots with progressive jackpots would be split as follows: $0.25 would be kept by the online slot, $0.25 would be added to the jackpot, and $4.50 would be given out as non-jackpot rewards.

Given these details, it is easy to see why so many devoted สล็อตเว็บตรง players are currently playing on their laptops.

Online Slots with Progressive Jackpots

So, other from the free beverages, it seems that playing online is better for a player (in that you should win more). Your next question, though, will probably be regarding the size of progressive jackpots at online slots since I just described how huge jackpots may be at land-based slots. The record now held by a slot Game is $1.76 million, and interestingly, that same Game, which gave that amount away in December 2005, now has a jackpot of approximately $3.5 million and is still rising! The progressive slot game in question is called Millionaires Club, and when the payout is eventually claimed, it would set a new record for the biggest progressive slot jackpot ever given out by an online slot.

The rate at which online progressive jackpots are growing is remarkable, therefore I have no doubt that a new record will be set in less than a year even if that prize is won. The previous record-holder was a jackpot that was little over $1 million a few years ago. I predict that online slots will pay out the biggest jackpots within the next few of years.

Then, How Do You Select a Winner?

It is not extremely challenging to decide which progressive jackpot to play. You can figure out the size of the progressive jackpot if you know how much it starts at, what its highest payment was, and what its average payout was. Other online slots with slots offer this information, such as the progressive jackpot ratings.


The chances of the jackpot in question paying out considerably increase as soon as it exceeds its historical average, and the odds increase even further if it surpasses its previous highest payout. For the best chance of winning a huge sum, wait until the game’s historical average payout has been reached rather than playing the games right away after the jackpot has been won if you’re after the biggest jackpots.

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