How To Make Your Product Go Viral


No matter which industry you’re working in, for every business to grow and prosper, the first step after creating a product is to extend their products’ market reach. Every year, thousands of new products are introduced to the market. It can be challenging for your product to stand out from the crowd due to the overcrowded and competitive market. All businesses aim to have their product be seen by the masses. Brands dream of having millions of views, likes, and shares online. All it takes is one advertisement that is so explosive and convincing to make your product viral.

What is viral marketing?

To go viral means to spread from person to person like a virus. Viral marketing is a sales strategy in which you create online content that is so attractive and inspiring that it becomes word-of-mouth. Audiences help spread the word by sharing it with their friends and family, increasing the product’s popularity. 92 percent of people trust a referral of a friend or family member above any other form of marketing. The product is marketed so that people want to talk about it and invest their money into it. The viral market also happens to be very cost-effective as once you go viral, you won’t have to fuel money into its marketing; the people will spread the word for you through shares that don’t cost anybody. Here is a list of market strategies that can achieve virality.

Utilize Visual Content

You know the old saying, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ and ‘seeing is believing?’ Well, they’re very accurate. The chances of a picture or video going viral are much greater than text. The reason for this is that imagery immediately catches the attention of the audience. They also have an effect on people’s emotions. Visual content makes people feel some kind of way, and that feeling drives them to share your image.

Be Trendy

What is the talk of the town? What is the latest trend, news, or hashtag? A good marketing strategy can use what’s hot on social media to become a part of the conversation, going viral. You can use a meme, create a meme or become a meme and stay relevant on these platforms.

Include Celebrities

People idealize, follow, and imitate celebrities. If they rave about your product, so will their fans. In fact, now, many social media influencers and content creators with millions of followers can also help your product go viral. They can do this by engaging with your product, reviewing it, or simply sharing it on their public profiles.

With a combination of the strategies mentioned above, you might be able to go viral on media platforms, but there is no way of guaranteeing that. Some marketing strategies can trigger virality, but most are simply based on luck. However, one way you can surely improve your chances is by hiring New York’s leading advertising agency – PH Consulting & Media. PH Consulting & Media was founded by Phillip Hammond, who has an experience of over 10 years in the field of advertisement, marketing, and media consultancy. The experience has enabled them to know the ins and outs of the market, and so they are aware of what can possibly make your product gain virality.

Through their expertise and creativity, they produce full concept-to-completion commercials for broadcast, cable, streaming networks, and social media platforms. Their content makes people stop and stare at high trafficked areas such as Times Square, entertainment areas, and subways. The feature of highly talented actors, models, and voice artists makes content all the more attractive. They maximize the ROI with the most effective market mix on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. PH Consulting & Media can make your brand stand out and gain the attention it deserves.

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