Core Banking Software: The Engine Powering Financial Transformation


Core banking software enables all employees of a bank to follow a standardized process for receiving customer information, posting transactions and updating account records. It also allows for more accurate reporting and compliance. It reduces operational costs by automating processes and lowering manual effort. It also offers flexibility and scalability with a modular architecture built for specialized and progressive transformations.

1. Temenos

Temenos is the world’s most widely used digital core banking solution for retail, corporate, treasury, wealth management and payments. Its cloud-native and agnostic technology powers more than 1000 banks across 150 countries. The platform has an extensive repository of features that help organizations save time and resources in creating their product. In addition, it has an open architecture that allows for the easy integration with third-party tools and applications. Temenos’ workbench provides graphical tools that allow for the configuration of all types of changes without the need for advanced technical expertise, reducing development cycles and increasing productivity.

Temenos Transact helps organizations launch new products with a fast turnaround while optimizing operational costs. It supports a wide range of fee structures, balance requirements, and statements cycles. Its centralized design tool and embedded analytics help professionals produce focused and innovative products that meet customer needs and increase revenue. The system is available in multiple currencies and can be integrated with other systems.

2. Bricknode

Bricknode is a B2B focused SaaS-company with a highly scalable cloud core banking software solution. It provides a composable infrastructure which supports the digitalization of processes within financial institutions to enable a seamless end user experience. The Company removes barriers for both startups and established firms by simplifying the base functionality of a typically complex system. This allows customers to design and launch new propositions faster, cost-efficiently focusing on end-consumer value creation. The Company offers Brokerage-as-a-Service and Loan Management Systems. It also offers the Bricknode Marketplace, Bricknode Investment Manager and other specialized software products. Bricknode Holding AB serves clients globally.

The Company’s Brokerage-as-a-Service platform enables investors to build and operate unique investment propositions in weeks. It also helps fund companies connect to their consumers via a single API. This creates a long-lasting and valuable relationship between the customer and the Company, providing a strong moat. The platform has a comprehensive set of features and functionality including real-time market access, advanced algorithms and automated back office.

3. Finhub

Finhub is a platform that helps institutions build digital banking propositions by connecting them with thousands of fintechs. It provides a marketplace and crowdsourcing capabilities that solve customer pain points. Its open API gateway enables development, testing and deployment of fintech solutions. It enables businesses to automate payments and payouts across various channels, including ATMs, mobile POS (mPOS), SOFTPOS and software-based POS terminals. It uses modern security protocols to secure sensitive data and ensure the safety of transactions.

Its PEP & Sanctions API helps businesses mitigate financial risk by identifying politically exposed persons and individuals or entities that are on sanctions lists. It also helps companies comply with regulatory requirements by enabling them to screen against multiple lists. It is powered by advanced algorithms and a large in-house data set. Its config-driven approach enables organizations to customize FinHub to their business needs. It can be implemented as an overlay to existing banking systems. It is supported by a professional in-house team of bankers with decades of experience.

4. Cobis

COBIS is one of the top retail corporate banking product digital solutions that empowers financial businesses (FBs) and their users with virtual service channels. It offers a range of integrated digital financial tools including internet banking, mobile banking, chatbots and omnichannel management. The solution provides an end-to-end financial digital platform that is based on a single source of truth. It offers an open and flexible architecture that helps to reduce the time to market for new services and products. It also offers a seamless and unified customer experience.

It allows customers to manage their accounts and transactions anytime, anywhere without visiting a bank branch. It is also a highly secure platform with advanced security capabilities. It is available in multiple languages and supports multi-currency support. It is also capable of operating offline to help serve rural regions where connectivity is a challenge. It is a good choice for small and medium-sized FBs to boost their sales growth.


Core banking software has revolutionized the banking industry, streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences. With its agility, scalability, and robust features, it has enabled banks to adapt to the digital era, promoting financial innovation and ensuring seamless transactions. It’s the backbone of modern banking.

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