Camera FV 5 APK


There are numerous camera applications available today, but only a handful are capable of meeting the needs of people who are truly aware about the specifics of a decent photograph or video. One of these is the FV-5 camera.

It’s an app that you can get for a very little fee, but it gives you a lot more than you’d think for that money.

The Camera FV-5 software for Android is a professional camera program for mobile devices that gives you DSLR-like manual features. This camera program, designed for amateurs and professional photographers, allows you to take the best raw images so that you can post-process them afterwards and achieve outstanding outcomes. Your imagination and inventiveness are the only limitations.

Features of Camera FV-5

Adjustable photographic parameters, exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance, and program mode are all available in the Camera FV-5 Android app, which is constantly at hand.

In a viewfinder display comparable to that of a DSLR, you can see exposure time, aperture, and stops shown in real time, along with EV and bracketing settings. From 3 to 7 frames, exposure bracketing is fully functional, with limitless stops spacing and unique EV shifting.

The built-in intervalometer allows you to create amazing time lapses (including bracketed/HDR time lapses) and time-controlled photo series. Long exposure support allows you to capture stunning night photographs and light trails with exposure periods of up to 30 seconds.

JPEG, genuine 16-bit RAW in DNG format (needs Android 5.0+ and a fully compatible Camera2 implementation) are all supported by the app.

Manual shutter speed: 1/80000 to 2′′, or whatever range your equipment allows. The volume keys can be used to control all camera features. Using the volume keys, you can change the EV, ISO, color temperature, and other settings. Devices with a camera shutter key on the hardware are also supported.

Metadata support for EXIF and XMP sidecars. Focus modes include auto focus, macro, touch-to-focus, true manual focus, and infinity focus. Feature that locks the auto-focus (AF-L).

In Android 4.0+, auto-exposure (AE-L) and auto white balance (AWB-L) are locked. The ability to develop and process photos and RAW files in the background allows for smooth, uninterrupted camera usage.

It has a digital zoom that works with a multi-touch pinch gesture. In addition, a 35mm comparable focal length is shown.  With a live RGB histogram, 10 composition grid overlays, and 9 crop guides, the most advanced electronic viewfinder is available.

Different storage locations and fully customized file names are represented by powerful organizing choices (even with variables).  The Camera FV-5 app’s user interface is accessible in over 30 languages.

Install Camera FV-5 on Android TV

Most Android TVs and Fire TVs are used for Zoom Meetings and Video calls. But those TV boxes does not have any fancy camera applications like on Android phones. Now you can easily install Camera FV-5 on your Android TV event it is not available on Play Store.

First download and install App-linked or FileSynced. Choose your favorite TV store. Create a App Linked store and upload this camera apk file. Then install it on your TV box using App Linked TV app.

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