5 Reasons to Hire a Dating Coach After Divorce  


5 Reasons to Hire a Dating Coach After Divorce  

5 Reasons to Hire a Dating Coach After Divorce  


Did you know that August and March are the months with the highest divorce rate according to the US Census. Well, we are in the month of August which means many people are experiencing divorce as you read! Divorce is hard, even the amicable ones. People become so overwhelmed by the divorce process that they can’t even fathom what happens next. For many, it’s being catapulted back into the dating world; an environment that seems so foreign and different from their last visit they wonder if they can even remember how to speak the language (or if they need a vaccination to enter).


If you find yourself looking for guidance as you navigate the foreign terrain of the dating world after divorce, consider hiring a dating coach! Need a reason, I’ll give you five:


Increase Your Confidence

You just spent a large portion of your life focusing your energy on cultivating a relationship, maybe building a family. Therefore, your dating skills are likely a little rusty which may leave you feeling a little gun shy. A dating coach can teach you how to sharpen your tools so you can date with confidence. Celebrity dating coach Brandan Rader says, “Dating is just like any other skill it can be mastered through practice and if you haven’t used those skills in a while you’ll be out of practice.”  If you’re having trouble re-entering the dating world, opening yourself up to new romantic opportunities, or making real connections—you may simply need to hone your dating skills.


Rediscovering Yourself as a Single

According to Brandan Rader, many of the divorcees with whom he works need to “rediscover themselves as a single.” He says, “When people are in long-term committed relationships and start families, they begin to identify themselves as mommy, daddy, husband, or wife. As such, they forget who they are as an individual.” With that said, the dating process can be seen as a rediscovery process, not only rediscovering yourself but also discovering new love. A dating coach can help you have a meaningful dating life by redefining your wants/needs (because obviously they weren’t being met or else you wouldn’t have gotten divorced), rediscover yourself, find passion, and new love.


Gaining Deep Insights 

It’s challenging to draw objective conclusions from our subjective experiences. That is where a dating coach can be useful. Dating coaches can help you better understand the dating world objectively to get to where you want to be. Brandan Rader says, “When I work with a client, I identify their individual dating/relationship trends and put it into context of bigger societal trends to help them achieve their goals.”


Unlearning Unproductive Relationship Patterns

If you have spent a significant amount of time in a relationship with one person, it’s likely you have acquired some relationship patterns. Some of these patterns are positive but clearly some were unproductive, otherwise, you wouldn’t be divorced. Everyone has blind spots, especially when it comes to our own unproductive relationship patterns (it’s always the other person’s fault, right?). A dating coach can help you identify those blind spots, teach you how to break those unproductive patterns so you don’t find yourself back in the same type of relationship as before.


Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Dating can be daunting and sometimes downright exhausting, especially when starting after a divorce. There will be moments when you don’t know what direction to turn, when you feel lost, when you simply want to throw in the towel. A dating coach provides you with direction, support, and accountability to achieve your relationship goals.


But not all dating coaches are equal. Truth be told, there are a lot of self-appointed love gurus giving bad advice. If you want support for dating after divorce, I highly recommend my personal favorite love guru, Brandan Rader


Brandan Rader, M.S. The Dating Coach for Divorce


Brandan Rader is a celebrity dating and relationship coach, matchmaker, and psychological researcher. Moreover, he is a certified mediator! Prior to entering the matchmaking and coaching industry, he worked for a couples counseling practicing helping couples on the verge or in the process of relationship dissolution. During his time has a mediator, Brandan continued his psychological research into interpersonal relationships and behavioral health. Brandan says, “ I was able to investigate interpersonal relationships from first date to divorce date to ascertain behaviors that facilitate relationships and those that destroy them.” It is from this research and experience that he created his proprietary techniques, which he calls “an upstream approach to preventing relationship dissolution.” Although Brandan has limited spots for his one-on-one services, he did create the ultimate 4-week masterclass that contains his most effective techniques with a 90% success rate in helping people find happy, healthy love! You can access the L-Evate™ Your Love Masterclass on his website https://www.brandanrader.com/services. Brandan welcomes all inquiries on his Instagram at @brandanraderofficial.


Don’t wait for another divorce to be proactive about love!

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