5 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends


5 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends


With the ever-changing industry, it is critical to keep an eye out for graphic design trends that are now in demand so that you do not feel like you are losing out. Staying the same in this industry will make your work appear uninteresting, therefore become acquainted with the following trends in order to incorporate them into your work and make it stand out.

  1. The 90s Nostalgia

The popular program Stranger Things and the film IT brought this design back to life. The 1990s are making a comeback in a number of forms. However, this specific tendency is based on nostalgia—that wistful, romanticized look back. It has grown in popularity to the point where gen z now has a method to study more about the 1990s. They are reliving happy childhood memories through vivid color blocks and pouring slime. Turn the clock back to the 1990s whenever your design project requires a sense of ease with a touch of old-school style.

  1. Experiment Lettering

Words are employed in such a way that they reflect the meaning of the message. This is the pinnacle of graphic design since not many designers work on it and it takes a unique set of talents. This trend is still in the experimental stage, so designers have the opportunity to make the most of it and blast it to the sky before it reaches the final stage.

  1. Anti-Designs and Colors

This is the most fascinating trend imaginable. In actuality, it has been around since last year, but it has grown in popularity over time. It employs the most opposing colors, symbols, and techniques to convey both sides of the statement in a single image. It is an excellent method of enticing people and educating them on the good and bad.

  1. Escapism

Everyone enjoys following a trend. This is the most popular since people are constantly drawn to such imagery. With its surprising hues, tempting locales, and quirky character designs, escapism has the capacity to transport the viewer away. It is a means for both designers and spectators to have their imaginations expanded.

  1. Maximalism

You’re probably curious what it is. It is the polar opposite of minimalism, and the style is aptly named. Maximalism entails filling the full area, but not haphazardly. Filling it at random will cause it to lose its whole significance. It refers to filling space with the most important things, patterns, or colors. When viewed singly, it conveys the same message as the entire picture, demonstrating the designer’s inventiveness.

LuckyDesigns’ Work

When discussing trends, the work of the most popular LuckyDesigns comes to mind. Born in Los Angeles, Lucky was always into the new trends and wanted to leave his mark on the world. He is a social media influencer, graphic designer, and video editor. Lucky has made an impact with his work in the field of graphic designing and manages to get the award for the best graphic designer. Which is pretty big for the boy who is only 16-years-old considering that there are already champions in the industry. Truly, if you do work with dedication, you can beat anyone.

Lucky has collaborated with other YouTubers, gaining industry recognition for his work. Many periodicals have featured him, including Disrupt Magazine, Vents Magazine, Leonard Magazine, and VoyageLA. Lucky hopes to collaborate with more YouTubers and major industry musicians in the future and give his skills at their convenience.

Keeping an eye on trends is critical if you want your work to stand out from the crowd. Learn these designs and wow your clients so you may establish a reputation for yourself in the business like LuckyDesigns!

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