Unveiling Gut Instincts: The Art of Decision-Making with Live Your Fierce’s Andrea Ross


When your heart quickens and your hands grow clammy, a choice emerges: “fight or flight.” It’s here that our intuition comes out to play. Often known as a hunch, instinct, or deeper knowing, it’s an innate understanding that defies logic. Andrea Ross, founder of Live Your Fierce, Elite athlete, stunt woman, and an expert in harnessing intuition illustrates the power of embracing these inner cues.

In an age dominated by big data and analytical thinking, trusting your gut sometimes takes a back seat. Intuition is frequently dismissed as unreliable.

While intuition isn’t infallible, studies reveal that combining it with analytical thinking leads to better, quicker, and more accurate decisions. This union of gut feelings and intellect provides a confidence boost in our choices. 

Even in the corporate world, top executives turn to their feelings and experiences when navigating crises. The U.S. Navy invests significantly in training sailors and Marines to hone their intuition, recognizing its value in high-stakes situations. 

Andrea Ross turned her instincts into her greatest strength. Whether it was making strategic decisions on the mats of an international wrestling tournament, or being hurled through a wall of fire on a film set, decisions need to be made quickly, both for safety and for success. She knows that embracing your inner warrior, tapping into your intuition, and making choices are all part of the same journey.

Trust those little hairs that stand up on your arms, trust that frog in your throat, and trust the little acrobats flipping around in your stomach. They’re trying to tell you something,” Andrea notes.

The path to leveraging intuition as a decision-making tool begins with distinguishing gut feelings from fear. Fear manifests as tension, panic, or desperation, pushing you to opt for the safer choice. Intuition gently pulls you towards your best interests, leading you to take risks or proceed cautiously through discomfort. It’s accompanied by feelings of excitement, anticipation, ease, and contentment.

While fear makes you self-critical, intuition is grounded and wise. You can test your gut instincts using the “snap judgment test.” Write down a question and two answers, then return later and circle the answer that feels right. It may not be the one you hope for, but it’s often the honest one.

Your core values can guide you when decisions become challenging. Your values reflect what’s most important to you, offering clarity when you feel conflicted. By focusing on your core values, you can dissolve internal tension and gain a fresh perspective on the situation.

Andrea Ross, with her extensive background in action and decision-making, has found her path to success by combining intuition with a fearless approach. Her journey in the world of decision-making has been nothing short of inspiring. Now, she helps others navigate their own journeys, guiding them to trust their instincts and embark on the path of living their fierce.

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