T&R Solutions: Empowering Businesses with a Strong Online Presence and Digital Excellence


In today’s digital era, establishing a solid online presence has become crucial for businesses across various industries to generate engagement and stay relevant. As loyal customers have decreased, companies must connect with consumers effectively to ensure their success. According to a survey conducted by Google, 66% of shoppers prefer online shopping when searching for specific items. [1] Most of them conduct thorough research before making online purchases. These statistics highlight the importance of businesses having an online presence and how failing to do so can cause a significant loss of sales.

Engaging with digital solution companies is advisable to ensure a robust and well-branded online presence. One such company is T&R Solutions, a small marketing consulting agency founded by Justin Rissmiller. Through visual and personal communication, T&R Solutions offers creative digital marketing, branding strategies, and web and graphic design. The company is divided into T&R Recordings, an independent music recording label, and an audio/video production company.

The founder, Justin Rissmiller, is a talented musician and Back Alley Pep Rally (BAPR) guitarist. To escape the monotony of the 9-5 workday, he started his freelance web development company while working at Wright State University. Rissmiller designed web pages for over 50 companies while pursuing his musical endeavors. Recognizing the opportunity to combine his skills and interests, he ventured into music management and founded T&R Recordings. In addition to promoting his band, Back Alley Pep Rally, Rissmiller began managing other talented acts like The Beast of Bailey Downs, Leah Crose, and well-renowned guitarist Jacky Vincent.

Since its launch in 2014, T&R Solutions has experienced remarkable growth, rapidly expanding its client base. Several key factors contribute to this success. T&R Solutions demonstrates exceptional adaptability, catering to each client’s unique needs. This versatility allows them to provide customized solutions aligning with different businesses’ goals and branding requirements.

One distinguishing factor that sets T&R Solutions apart is its emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) and design aesthetics. The company understands that each business has distinct branding preferences and requirements. For example, a clothing company may prioritize an image-centric website that allows for easy customization of product visuals. At the same time, an educational site might emphasize informative blogs and detailed service descriptions. Leveraging their expertise, T&R Solutions creates tailored blueprints that help businesses achieve optimal search results and align their online presence with their vision.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for T&R Solutions. The company prides itself on its quick and charismatic responses when engaging with customers, going above and beyond to deliver on its promises. By maintaining open lines of communication and fostering a collaborative environment, T&R Solutions builds long-lasting relationships with its clients.

In addition to their technical prowess, T&R Solutions understands the importance of seamless user experiences and functional designs. While aesthetics are crucial, they prioritize creating user-friendly websites that provide an intuitive and engaging browsing experience. Striking the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and usability, T&R Solutions crafts websites that captivate visitors while delivering a seamless journey through the site.

Overall, as the digital landscape evolves, T&R Solutions remains at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies. The company is committed to continuously updating its skill set and staying informed about the latest developments. By embracing innovation, T&R Solutions equips businesses with the prerequisites to thrive in an ever-changing digital world and achieve maximum conversions through an effective online presence.


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