Top Reasons Why Light Weight Gold Jewellery Is Stealing the Thunder


Just a few years ago gold jewellery was synonymous with being heavily embellished, and chunky, something that can’t be worn every day, something that is taken out only during occasions, and then locked up back in the cupboard. However, in the last few years, there has been a paradigm shift in how women are styling their everyday looks with gold jewellery. Thanks to designers who have come up with lightweight fine jewellery designs that are dreamy, chic and affordable. Let’s take a look at some of the elements that have contributed towards the success of this trend, which is definitely here to stay.

  1. These come in beautiful designs: Most women these days are working and independent. They look for jewellery designs that can complement their office ensemble. Lightweight fine jewellery these days comes in designs that have modern, sleek designs that blend well with your formal wear as well as casual wear. Melorra is a brand that you can swear by for offering you contemporary and youthful designs in fine jewellery to complete your everyday look. Check this website and be spellbound by their gold and diamond jewellery collection. From mesmerizing floral patterns to more daring geometrical patterns, you will find it all under one roof.
  2. Ease and comfort: The first and foremost reason why fine jewellery has gained prominence is because of the ease of wearing it and the comfort it offers. Let us accept the fact that most of us shy away from wearing our mother’s and grandmother’s jewellery daily because it looks bulky and we don’t want to restrict our movements. This is where lightweight jewellery steps in to rescue us. These are dainty, elegant and easy to wear and carry. It resonates with today’s generation much more than traditional jewellery. Lightweight jewellery sways with our moves, making us feel like a diva, rather than weighing us down.
  3. These don’t pinch your pocket: We all know that gold and diamond jewellery is an expensive investment to make. We are sure there have been instances when you have sighed in dismay while admiring a beautiful necklace or earrings because it is way out of your budget. But you no longer have to go through this agony, because lightweight jewellery is not just light in its design, but light in its prices too! You can now have your jewellery collection without having to break the bank. Diamond jewellery on Melorra offers perfect daily wear diamond jewellery designs that will attract the right attention from people around you.
  4. These are versatile: If there is a scoreboard for versatility, then lightweight jewellery is right on top. Lightweight jewellery empowers you to experiment with your looks, which is something traditional jewellery restricts. You can layer different lengths of lightweight necklaces and chains to look stylish for an evening party, or you can stack lightweight rings studded with colourful gemstones to match your pantsuit to make a powerful statement. One of the best things about lightweight jewellery design is that it retains the elements of traditional jewellery, yet has a modern touch to it.

Lightweight fine gold and diamond jewellery can be worn with Indian attire as effortlessly as with modern dresses. Be it an office presentation, a formal lunch with business partners, a movie with friends, or wedding celebrations, adorning lightweight fine jewellery will make you stand out in the crowd.

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