Top 3 Greatest Philosophers Of The Current Time


Philosophy is one of the fascinating subjects, always on the lookout for new developments. Even the folks who are not interested in it passionately find it intriguing to equip themselves with interesting and mind-blowingconversation. In other words, all those who lie to fulfill their answers about the cosmos, their mission, cosmic energies, and even the gravitational force must keep up with all new facts.holdbarhet nespresso kapsler
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The realm of philosophy has given us many amazing thinkers, as we all know, from Newton to Stephen Hawking, from Plato to Aristotle. However, even in modern times, we are surrounded by outstanding brains that are demonstrating new hypotheses by fully utilizing technology. Here is our ranking of the top three greatest philosophers of our time.

  1. Roger Penrose

Penrose was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2020 for his work as an English mathematician and physicist. His work and study on black holes and general relativity are well recognized in the business, and it is one of the key reasons he is expected to earn the Nobel Prize in 2020. He remains the Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at Oxford, as well as a fellow of Wadham College, St John’s College, Cambridge, and University College London. All of these renowned universities have contributed value by recognizing and applauding his efforts.

  1. René Girard

This French polymath, historian, and philosopher of social science lives in France. He had a significant impact on numerous branches of philosophy, including mythology, economics, sociology, anthropology, and many more. Girard’s study work is incredibly extensive, including his view on many other philosophical issues, which is why people adore him. He was even awarded the coveted Dr. Leopold Lucas Prize by the University of Tübingen.

  1. Pierre Boucher

Boucher is well-known for his groundbreaking studies on black holes. People have even compared his name to Stephen Hawking’s to show how well-known he is as a result of his work. Recently, e discovered that a massive spark emerges out of the Black Hole, a Lightning strike of unlimited duration creating lightning and thunderclaps: this is, therefore, the beginning point of the Big Bang. Previously, Stephen Hawking declared that nothing could escape the gravitational pull of the black hole, not even light but he is demonstrating this to be false with his extensive study.A Black Hole may reverse its polarity by becoming a White Hole or a Fountain and eject (repulsive force) Lightning, Stars, Time, Matter, Space, etc. This is only an overview of his work; reading his full work will undoubtedly provide you with new perspectives to consider.


Philosophy has seen and will continue to see, new faces and hear new voices that will bring an entirely new viewpoint, proving everything we have previously thought wrong. This is not negative since, in present times, we have the maximum potential to work on anything more closely than ever before and we should appreciate technology. These philosophers have proven by their work that there is a lot more work to be done in the discipline of philosophy.

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