Top 10 Most Popular Types of Sound Effects


Top 10 Most Popular Types of Sound Effects

Most people struggle to find sound effects to include in their videos. They come up with the video idea without difficulty, but adding sound effects can be very confusing. They have no idea which sound effects to use to finish their videos.

But, with Sound Ideas and SoundDogs on your side, there’s a whole variety of sound effects to choose from, and here’s all that you need to know about them.

Types of Sound Effects


Vehicle Sound Effect

Everyone works on a project with vehicle sounds, whether it’s a daily vlog or a funny video. These are among the most common and popular sounds in videos. No one ever waits for vehicles to pass by to record the sound; instead, they use royalty-free websites like Sound Ideas and SoundDogs to easily incorporate it into their video.

Cartoon Sound Effect

People enjoy including cartoon sounds in their videos to add a humorous element. Furthermore, the audience can relate to them, and there is a sound for every scenario. Every sound from Tom & Jerry or Loony Tunes is available on Sound Ideas for you to use in your next video.

Static Sound Effect

These sounds are made from white, pink, or brown noise that has been chopped up and enveloped robotically. They work well in sci-fi, story-telling, and even horror videos.

Movie Sound Effect

Sounds from award-winning films are often a nice way to add familiarity to your videos. There are thousands of movie sound effects to choose from on Sound Ideas.

Weather Sound Effect

These sounds are ideal for portraying weather elements such as rain, thunder, snow, and storms. Simply select the effect that corresponds to your video and add it without any hassle.

Crowd Sound Effect

Obviously, you cannot gather hundreds of people in a room under a microphone to record the sound, and that’s where Sound Ideas comes in. Their website contains a variety of crowd effects ranging from muttering to noise and everything in between.

Foley Sound Effect

Walking, whispering, and other movement sounds are examples of real-life sounds. They add realism to videos and are useful if there is a lot of body movement. You can’t keep recording every single body movement, so it’s best to include a sound effect.

Scary Sound Effect

When trying to portray an empty street, forest, or even your backyard, these sounds add a thriller effect, and the audience waits to see what happens next. The sound of doorknobs rattling, floorboard creaks, and wind creates a mood that no picture could achieve on its own.

Background Sound Effect

These sounds should blend in with the scene and appear to flow naturally. Background sounds enhance the strengths of your videos, from utensils clicking to people walking by.

Animal Sound Effect

If you were waiting for us to reveal this one, you should be familiar with Sound Ideas. To spice up your videos, you can add a cow, pig, or other sounds.

Now that you’re familiar with various types of sound effects that can be used in your videos, you can add sounds from movies to foley to your videos to give them a nice touch that will help you connect with the audience.

You might be wondering where you can find such a wide range of sounds. Then and are the website for you. There are numerous sounds mentioned, as well as others!

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