TikTok’s Kaila Uli Announces Online Workshop, ‘0 to Social Proof’


Content Strategist and TikTok Influencer Kaila Uli is bringing her expertise in both business and social media to an online workshop, ‘0 to Social Proof,’ teaching emerging brand leaders how to employ social media as part of a greater business strategy, tracking metrics to curate content to direct consumers according to the business needs.

Kaila Uli has gathered a following of over 180,000 followers on TikTok in 18 months. Social media growth of that caliber on the platform is highly sought-after, and naturally, emerging and small businesses are keen to understand the factors of Kaila Uli’s process. “I take clients through the journey of building their following and utilizing the access this affords to key demographics, potentially guiding consumers through particular sales funnels to promote key products to maintain a balanced revenue stream,” Kaila Uli explains. “This is a fancy way of saying that I teach people how to capitalize on their organic social media engagement as a brand.”

Kaila Uli has created for global brands such as Alibaba and Clearco, gathering expertise to share with emerging and starting brands hoping to break through online. Her online workshop ‘0 to Social Proof’ allows clients to directly collaborate with Kaila Uli to develop a keen approach to communicating their brand’s message, mission, and values effectively to an online demographic.

Kaila Uli is a powerhouse serial entrepreneur, digital success story, and unstoppable Indo-woman. She started her entrepreneurship as a young adult, partnering with her late husband to build multiple businesses. During this time, Kaila Uli learned valuable lessons as an entrepreneur and her burning desire to build a successful business persisted. After a series of misfortunate events, including a cyberattack that resulted in her having to liquidate her successful vintage glasses company, Kaila Uli developed a following on social media by sharing her story.

Describing herself as a hard worker with a “boots on the ground” style, Kaila Uli has built multiple successful businesses and has a bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of La Verne. Kaila Uli became a top content strategist while she worked as a model for about six years. She says that she learned a lot about content creation during this time because high-quality online posts were at the center of the modeling industry.

“I was surrounded by some very savvy professionals who knew how to create incredible content for social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, and I learned everything I could about what works, what doesn’t, and why,” Kaila Uli recalls. “I was fortunate to be around people who knew so much and who were gracious enough to teach me what they knew.”

During the pandemic, she decided to go deeper into her interest in marketing and began posting on TikTok, using what she had learned from her modeling days. With each post, she identified better strategies and was soon creating top-performing content. Eventually, Kaila Uli began partnering with large brands for content creation and paid promotions, leading to her personal best sales week on TikTok: $30,000.

“At the same time, I continued to hear from other small business owners how they were struggling to master content creation for their social media platforms,” Kaila Uli says. “It was a continuing source of frustration for many of them. They knew that their online presence was crucial to engaging with customers, but they just weren’t sure how to go about it.”

She realized that the market had a key service gap, one that she could fill with her years of experience. “Content creation was not a new idea, even then,” she concedes. “The industry was full of social media managers, all of whom would promise to optimize your pages. However, none offered my services: full, customized strategies, from the creation of a social media page, all the way to monetizing it and driving online sales. That is the unique value I can give my clients.”

The success of Kaila Uli’s business hasn’t gone unnoticed. She has been praised as an innovative entrepreneur in her industry, her creative approach to digital marketing has been featured on MarketWatch and Bloomberg, and her products have been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Hulu, Amazon movies, all over the UFC, and seen on many celebrities. To make the most of her offerings and continue to help business owners succeed online, Kaila Uli is launching a 6-week program through The Bok Agency.

This “Content SuperCharger” 6-week program is for businesses who are in the process of building their revenue to 10k/month. It will take clients step-by-step through content creation, show them how they can use their own stories to attract more customers, and create lasting relationships with their audiences. Learn how to create winning content with the Content SuperCharger here.

Kaila Uli explains that while many businesses are not especially concerned with maintaining a presence on social media platforms, reducing them as ‘trendy,’ the utility that they provide to a business as a device to gather customer data is indispensable.

“Social media, in some way, shape, or form, is here to stay. Having a medium with which to connect with your clientele, your consumers, is important for the perspective it offers a business as well as the power it gives you,” Kaila Uli explains. “Followship is a powerful tool for a business because it allows a brand to maneuver by their consumers’ interest or preferences, effectively offering a loyal testing group for its products and services. This works in both ways, as you can use this connection to guide consumers as well.”

Kaila Uli is a content creator, influencer, and business guru specializing in helping emerging brands to find success on social media.

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