The Power of Positive Thinking – There is Always Light


Is your glass half-full or half-empty? Your response to this overdone question on positive thinking could reveal your outlook on life, how you feel about yourself, and whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic. Everybody wants to learn how to think positively, and concepts like manifestation, vision boards, and the phrase “No bad days” are everywhere. But what does it mean to think positively in reality? Can you achieve your goals by positive thinking alone?

If there’s one thing we can safely say is that it is true that your ideas influence your behavior. Paul Boynton, an English-Irish author, emphasizes that your behavior ultimately determines how successful you are in your relationships, work, and overall quality of life. Your values and beliefs, which affect the caliber of your interpersonal interactions and how you perceive the world in general, are also influenced by your ideas.

While it’s easier to act like we solely have positive thoughts, it’s best not to go down that road. You can pretend there are no weeds in your mental garden, but if you want to create a life that is truly meaningful, you need to quit pretending there are no weeds and start actively pulling them out.

Therefore, you must address the underlying causes of your limitations and develop a positive outlook that recognizes and manages unpleasant emotions without ignoring them. They say there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and Paul’s teachings only reinforce that idea.

Positive People are Powerful People

Not understanding that happiness is a personal choice is a big mistake people make. The individuals in our lives, however, have an impact on every decision. You can significantly improve your prospects of happiness and success by making positive changes forthe people who impact your life.

According to Paul Boynton, a strong social connection is the most important predictor of long-term happiness. Each of us has personal goals, but which ones are absolutelycompulsoryin your book? Your relationships and the activities you decide to devote time to both reveal your standards.

Do you intend to expand your business? If so, why would you prefer to associate with those that get in the wayand spread negativity? The best way to start surrounding yourself with positive people is to decide right nowthat you will set higher standards for yourself.

Adjust Your Mindset Like a Clock

One piece of the puzzle is to change your physiology, but it’s also important to identify the other: negativity triggers and stop it in its tracks. What thoughts come to mind, how you feel about them, and how you respond to them are all governed by your mindset. When you have a negative perspective, everything around you will appear even worse.

Think about it: let’s assume you are at the airport and are facing a delay at the security checkpoint. The airline employee checking you in then mistreats you. Do you view the delay as a loss of time or an opportunity to slow down and re-engage with yourself? Do you always turn to the power of positive thinking, or do you let the force of negative thoughts?

You may fully engage and live in the moment by bypassing that annoyance and rage with positive thoughts. You may start to reframe your thinking and develop an abundance mindset, like Paul Boynton,that is appreciative and open rather than negative and walled off by deliberately choosing to concentrate on the good things in your life.

Follow Paul Boynton down the road paved with nothing but positivity!

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