The 4 Follower Analytics Apps for Instagram [Gain IG Followers]


We know that Instagram followers are important for engagement, whether it’s likes or comments, it moves your account. No wonder most Instagrammers pay close attention to their IG followers, how many new followers they gained in the last few days, who unfollowed on Instagram, who is actually active on their posts? You can easily acquire this data with an Instagram follower analysis app, a kind of follower analysis tool.

By using this Instagram followers app, you will be able to view data about your Instagram followers in few taps. Find out what your ideal Instagram follower analytics app is in this article. We will present the 4 follower analysis apps so that you can choose the option that suits your needs.

 What is an Instagram follower analytics app?

An Instagram follower analytics app, broadly speaking, is a tool developed for Instagram that provides you with some necessary data about your Instagram followers, for example how many followers you gained and lost during the week, which followers engage in your posts and how often. An all-in-one follower analytics app for Instagram offers more services if you pay for its features.

The 4 Best Follower Analytics Apps for Instagram [FREE]

There are several follower analytics apps for Instagram, both free and paid. How to choose an Instagram follower analytics app that suits your needs so you get the analytics you need? In this article, we are going to present the best options of follower analysis apps for IG that are free and with amazing functions. 

1. Insights – Follower Analysis for Instagram

Insights – Follower Analysis for Instagram is a free follower analysis tool for Instagram which tracks Instagram followers. It helps you to get information about your Instagram followers anytime after logging into IG with your username and password. Information like the number of new Instagram followers and followers who unfollowed you on IG are clear in the graph. Your secret admirers, top followers and ghost followers are reported. Most popular posts and least popular posts are shown after calculating likes and comments. More analytics can be tracked with this follower analytics app for IG: Stories views and Stories insights etc.


  • It is a relatively comprehensive follower analysis tool for Instagram.
  • Insights into Stories is made available by this app.


  • Only available for Android
  • Has in-app ads at the bottom.

2. Followers Analyzer for Instagram

Followers Analyzer for Instagram has a wide audience as it can not only analyze your Instagram account but also the accounts you are interested in. For your accounts, it works like an Instagram profile analyzer as it shows: Total followers, gained followers and lost followers; Total followers, new and unfollowed. They are categorized into 3 parts according to their interaction with you: Friends, Fans and Non-Followers. You will know which IG users give the most likes and comments after tapping the “Analyze” button. The most and least watched videos and the most liked and commented posts. Tapping on the profile of an IG account you like will also get that data. It’s really useful for influencers and brands.


  • Analyzes your IG account and others.
  • Contains the most used hashtags and hashtags of the moment.


  • It is only compatible with Android.
  • Sometimes it’s slow.

3. InsReport+: Best Follower Analytics App for Instagram [iOS]

In case you want detailed analysis of your followers IG InsReports+ is the best choice for iOS users. It analyzes your IG account and gives you complete information about your profile: gained 100 seguidores no instagram gratis, post trends, new likes, comments and hashtags used. Most liked and commented posts can be found to help you come up with more ideas about upcoming posts. This app also analyzes which Stories tend to gain the most views and which Stories are viewed the least. InsReports can also be considered a followers app for Instagram as it allows you to acquire Instagram followers and likes instantly.


  • Tracks your Instagram followers and gives you promotion ideas.
  • Offers IG followers and Instagram likes.


  • It is only available for iOS devices.
  • You need to pay to use your services.

4. Analyzer Plus – Analytics app for Instagram [Free]

Analyzer Plus claims to be an IG follower analysis app for Instagram follower management. In fact, it has less analytics than other apps. Even so, it has basic insights into Instagram followers: Followers gained and lost in the form of a line graph, and an engagement database of your followers, people who unfollow your account, followers who block you, and followers who don’t follow you back. Some Stories analytics are accessible as new Story viewers. The average of likes and comments is calculated in real time.


  • Works on Android and iOS.
  • Has a batch unfollow tool.


  • Some services are not free.
  • Offers less data than other analytics applications.

Why do you need a follower analytics app for Instagram?

Why do you need a follower analytics app for Instagram? Or in other words, what can you achieve after using a follower analytics app for Instagram? We list some benefits below:

Create UGC content

You can generate good UGC insights as you understand your Instagram followers better with the analytics you get. Most liked posts and most commented posts are useful to help you create content that interests your IG followers. The more UGC ideas included in your posts, the more loyal Instagram followers you gain.

Increase engagement

Increase Instagram engagement too. Her secret admirers and fans are IG followers who pay close attention to her Instagram. To discover them, use a follower analysis app for IG or a profile analyzer to help you.

Bonus: Increase IG followers and likes for better performance

Did you find a big gap between you and other IG accounts? It is possible to reduce the difference and even overcome it. And the key way to improve your IG account performance is to increase Instagram followers and likes. And there is an Instagram followers app that can help you to gain lots of Instagram followers and likes organically. The app is Ins Followers, dedicated to helping you gain Instagram followers and likes for free.


  • Get free Instagram followers and likes with virtual currency.
  • Get unlimited followers and likes on IG.
  • Get real followers and real likes on IG.
  • Instant delivery.
  • Available for Android and iOS.

Steps to increase IG followers and likes:

  1. Download Ins Followers and access the app.
  2. Sign up and login with a valid email address. Add up to 5 IG accounts with just the username (no password required).
  3. Earn virtual coins easily by performing tasks and exchange coins for Instagram followers and likes instantly.


All in all, a follower analytics app for Instagram is a convenient Instagram followers and stories analytics tool. With it, you can get some important data to help you improve your content and engage with your loyal IG followers effectively. The various IG follower analytics apps in this article have some commonalities and unique features. Choose what you think is best for you. Also, Ins Followers can help you gain more Instagram followers to finally get a better performance from your IG account. Download now!

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