Revolutionizing the Door Replacement Industry: The Visionary Journey of Dave Winter


In 2001, Dave Winter entered the door and door replacement industry, only to discover an environment that seemed frozen in time, clinging to archaic processes and systems. Recognizing the tremendous innovation potential, Dave embarked on a transformative journey that would revolutionize the industry and lead to the birth of an international brand, One Day Doors & Closets.

Dave Winter’s foray into the door industry was driven by a desire to challenge the status quo and pioneer groundbreaking solutions. Dave set out to change the game in a world where interior door replacement was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Armed with a vision to improve the customer experience and make door replacement more accessible, he sought to leverage technology to create a paradigm shift.

Recognizing the shortage of highly skilled and highly paid trade labor, Dave identified the need for an innovative approach to simplify the door replacement process while maintaining superior quality. Enter 3D measuring technology – a groundbreaking innovation that would become the cornerstone of the success of One Day Doors & Closets. This cutting-edge technology enabled precise digital measurements and streamlined the installation process. With the implementation of 3D measuring technology, the company was able to deliver a seamless experience to its customers and elevate the industry to new heights.

Co-founder Glenn Johnson’s background in helping people and Dave’s expertise in pioneering technological advancements formed a formidable partnership. Glenn’s experience from co-founding a national retail sales company focused on customer well-being perfectly complemented Dave’s vision of creating the best customer solution for interior door replacement. Together, they founded One Day Doors & Closets, an enterprise dedicated to delivering convenience, efficiency, and unmatched quality to homeowners seeking to replace their interior and closet doors.

Since its inception, One Day Doors & Closets has grown exponentially and emerged as an international brand. Operating in over 35 cities across North America, the company is now the largest of its kind, providing “the best whole home improvement” experience to its diverse clientele.

Central to the success of One Day Doors & Closets is their diverse selection of doors, catering to various styles and preferences. The company’s inventory boasts an extensive array of options, from bedroom and bathroom doors to sliding doors, bifold doors, and beyond. By utilizing 3D digital cutting, these doors are expertly tailored to fit existing door frames without necessitating the replacement or removal of trim or frames. This innovative approach has expedited the installation process and maintained the integrity of customers’ homes, leaving them with a beautiful and seamlessly upgraded living space.

Under Dave Winter’s leadership, One Day Doors & Closets has achieved remarkable milestones, earning its place as a pioneering force in the door replacement industry. The fusion of technological innovation, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to providing the best solutions has set the company apart, making it a leading choice for homeowners seeking to transform their living spaces. You can also have a look on the many styles that are being offered on the official website.

Dave Winter’s journey from a vision to revolutionize the door replacement industry to establishing an international brand has been extraordinary. By introducing 3D measuring technology, he has propelled the industry into the future and empowered homeowners with a convenient and efficient solution. As One Day Doors & Closets continues to flourish, Dave Winter’s legacy as a visionary leader will undoubtedly be etched into the annals of entrepreneurial history.

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