Queen Zaynab Making Moves Through The Arab African Economic Development Initiative (AAEDI)


Queen Zaynab is a Nigerian architect, designer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur headquartered in Nigeria. Throughout her career, she has worked on several humanitarian concerns, as a result of which she has assisted thousands of underprivileged people living in rural communities, whether it is by offering free schooling, paying for children’s vaccinations, or even providing clean water and medicines. Her efforts cannot go unnoticed.holdbarhet nespresso kapsler
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However, as the founder of the Arab African Economic Development Initiative (AAEDI), she is on a mission to improve and enhance economic and social relations between African and Arab nations. In this article, you’ll discover more about her work and how it’s making a difference.

Promoting Business Growth

When most young people join the labor market, their first thought is to move abroad, especially if they live in an African country. Unfortunately, no matter the dependency African nations have acquired over the years, they remain dependent on colonial economies because African leaders lack fundamental knowledge of economic development plans.

One of the key reasons that no system can remain in place in Africa is that when governments change, the old regimes fade away and new regimes emerge, imposing their own rules. As a result, an immediate economic depression develops, forcing the leaders to approach the World Bank for a loan.

Thus, Queen Zaynab has taken it upon herself to improve Africa’s economic situation by assisting SMEs in need of financial expansion. This opens up opportunities for collaboration in the Middle East and other regions of Africa, allowing firms to expand. They will directly assist such businesses so that they may participate in the venture’s growth and ensure its success in each country.

Empowering Women and Young People

To achieve the degree of success that AAEDI is aiming for, it is critical to get everyone on board since only then will they be able to bring about change sooner. Thus, Queen Zaynab also manages her Queen Zaynab Foundation (QZF), through which she focuses on the development of women and children living in rural regions and small villages so that they may be a part of the effort. Capital development is a powerful approach to achieving long-term and sustainable growth in the African continent.

Women and adolescents should be provided with a good platform for receiving adequate education and developing skills in order to start their own businesses from home. “I think African schools should now include enterprise development in their curricula as part of every study package from the smallest to the highest study level; churning out graduates who have no employment at the end of the day is not helping anyone,” Queen Zaynab comments.

It is past time for African leaders to take appropriate actions to encourage everyone to establish their own businesses based on their knowledge. The power all lies in the hands of SMEs now to bring a long-demanded change. Join Queen Zaynab on her journey to create Africa a powerful and independent country.

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