Luv Docta, a musician, entertainer, actor, writer, and speaker


So many of the greatest joys in our life can be connected to our sexual experiences in some way. When our sexual desires are in sync with and related to our minds and bodies, the magic of the brain and body can really work together. In fact, a great way to release dopamine is to listen to music, which makes the sexual experience more exciting. If you are looking to boost your sex life, and your pleasures with a great playlist, we are happy to help you out. R&B is always changing. It is constantly there. It changes, yet it will always be there. It won’t sound the same as it did previously. And that’s the beauty of music, it changes, it creates change and can inspire for the better. The relationship between music and emotions, such as love, is quite genuine, even if some songs are more likely to evoke certain emotions than others. Numerous internal brain processes are triggered by hearing music, which in turn liberates a range of emotional sensations. Shondell Coleman, otherwise known as the Luv Docta has a variety of passionate music, fit for your sexual pleasures.

If you are looking to spice up the chemistry in the bedroom, “Great Sex” by Luv Docta is just the song for you.

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