Jill Bausch Is Making An Impact In The Community Through Her Revolutionizing Book


Jill Bausch has always been enthusiastic about bringing about change and raising awareness in the community about women and the challenges they encounter in their professional life. After working her way to the pinnacle of success, Bausch abandoned her luxurious lifestyle to follow her vocation and assist women in need. Bausch’s latest book is shaking up the literary world and assisting in the advancement of women into positions of power.

Why Brave Women Win is an experience-based book based on Bausch’s journey, in which she discusses numerous hardships she faced as a woman. She also recounted how she sipped premium champagne in opulent settings and how she had everything, from power to prestige, but she was concerned about the women’s community and realized she had to stand upand do something for them. She subsequently  became CEO of Futures Group Europe, working throughout Asia and Africa  advocating for behavioral change and sexual health as the HIV/AIDS crisis ravaged the two continents.

Her main aim was to remind all the women that bravery is a crucial part of life and that no matter what society expects of you, don’t listen to them and do what your heart says. Going against the conventions, whether you are a mother, sister, wife, or corporate leader, might be challenging at first, but it will turn out to be beautiful in the end. Because bold women truly do triumph. The book extensively covers topics such as the habits of successful women and how you can present yourself without losing your integrity and stay strong during tough times.

Integrating these elements into one can help a woman be incredibly successful and productive at work. Furthermore, it is crucial to empower women because throughout the world, women shoulder the burden of family tasks, in addition to work and childcare in their personal lives; therefore, no matter what chance you have, don’t forget to appreciate them.

Bausch’s efforts to raise awareness garnered her enormous acclaim from all the proper platforms, and she now serves as the head of International Search & Leadership for SRI Executive and operates her own coaching firm VivePoint. She has mentored executives from big corporations such as the World Health Organization as well as other global organizations such as LVMH, The Green Climate Fund, The Center for Reproductive Rights, and The World Bank.

Bausch was also a former Board Chair of Barefoot College, a nonprofit that promotes women’s empowerment in Africa and Asia, a mentor for The Prince’s Trust UK, and a regular lecturer on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

Make this book your main read if you want to get the most out of it; you won’t be sorry. Be the next driving force in your workplace.

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