How to Buy a Pendant – Buying Guide Tips & Ideas


Pendants and necklaces make ideal gifts for nearly every occasion and are a popular choice for graduations, birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Not to be overlooked is the opportunity the gift of a necklace creates to perform the ever-romantic moment of draping it around her neck for the first time.  A pendant or necklace is also a perfect Valentine’s Day Gift idea. Today, necklaces and pendants are available in thousands of styles. So, if you are confused about which one to choose for yourself or your loved one, this article will help you choose the ideal neck piece for the occasion by considering two key factors: design and size.


As necklaces are worn to accent an outfit or a set of jewelry look to match the metal colors or gemstones of any jewelry she already wears. The safest bet when it comes to a necklace gift is a diamond solitaire as it compliments nearly every outfit and taste in style.


Necklaces and gold chains for pendants come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12” to 36” and beyond. The most standard sizes are 16-18” as the chain will hang down below the collar bone and above the chest line.

How to Choose a Diamond Necklace or Pendant

There are many different diamond necklace styles, so it can be tricky to know how to choose one. Here are some of the most popular ones, and what occasions they’re suited to:


A solitaire is a single diamond. It’s a gift you cannot go wrong with because it’s timeless and classic and looks good with any outfit. Perfect for any occasion.

Classic diamond necklace

This is the ultimate red-carpet accessory; a continuous line of sparkling diamonds around your neck. Perfect for big, showy occasions.


A halo design has a center diamond or gem that’s encircled by a ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds. It’s just as timeless and versatile as a solitaire, suited to any occasion, but provides that little bit of extra luxury and sparkle.


This kind of pendant has several small diamonds or gems set together. The stones can either form a shape (like a star or a heart) or they can be set close together to create the illusion of one big diamond. They are perfect gifts, suited to any occasion.


A heart-shaped diamond or gem necklace is the perfect way to tell someone you love them. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s Day… And very versatile as you can gift one to your sweetheart, daughter, sister, friend or mother.


This is the perfect personalized gift idea. It’s a diamond letter, which usually represents the wearer’s name or someone dear to them, like a partner or child. Great for birthdays or to mark the birth of a baby.


A locket pendant has a real vintage feel. It consists of two halves that open on a hinge, and you can place a small photo or a lock of hair of your loved one inside. It’s an especially beautiful gift for young adults; perfect for graduation, birthdays and life accomplishments.


Sparkling and inspirational, some people consider diamond crosses religious accessories, others regard them as fashion pieces. Either way, it’s often the first item of jewellery that young adults receive as a gift and often turns into an heirloom. It’s also a popular bridal or communion gift.


Each month has an official gemstone assigned to it – find your birthstone here. For example, emerald is May’s birthstone, so it makes a perfect birthday gift that month. Most colored gemstone pendants come with accent diamonds, added for extra sparkle.

Some General Tips

  1. Match the metal of the pendant and chain

For example, a yellow gold pendant should be matched with a yellow gold chain. A white gold pendant can be worn with a chain of white gold, platinum or silver.

  1. Let the pendant be the star of the show

Always choose a simple chain that won’t distract the eye from the pendant.

  1. Add meaning

For example, a heart necklace tells your gift recipient you love them, a diamond solitaire symbolizes big occasions, and birthstone gems mark birthdays.

Your face shapes:

The shape of your face can also be a consideration when choosing a diamond necklace.

Oval faces can wear any length and shape of necklace. If your face is rounded, a long necklace can create a slimming “V” shape on your neckline. For heart-shaped faces, a very short necklace flatters you best. Finally, for angular faces, a round pendant can often soften your features.

Your clothing neckline

Certain pendants match certain necklines. For instance, if you’re wearing a strapless dress, you can get away with a big, showy piece. Whereas if you’re wearing a bate neckline, it would look better with a short strand of pearls.

Your budget

The metal you prefer will play a big role in the price of your necklace:

Silver is the most affordable but least durable precious metal

Gold is a great choice, especially as you can choose between affordable 9K gold and slightly dearer 18K gold

Platinum is the most expensive, but almost the most durable

Besides this, the size and quality of your diamond will affect the price – find out more here in our diamond buying guide.

If a large diamond pendant is not in your price range, a silver necklace or a 9K gold necklace with a coloured gem or a cluster of smaller diamonds can bring the price down.

A final piece of advice

When you choose a gift necklace, the most important thing is that the wearer loves it. If you’re not sure, the one choice you can never go wrong with is a diamond solitaire pendant. It’s a classic item that will never go out of style – and is guaranteed to look as good with jeans as a little black dress.

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