Hacker Gained Access to the System the University of Latvia


The most well-known visual is the pale geek in his mom’s storm cellar who is getting into his college server to change his opponent’s grades to bombing ones. Then, at that point, there are the different portrayals that show “ace hoodlums” controlling traffic lights and monetary business sectors. This is a genuinely ongoing utilization of “hacker,” It had different importance for a long time before.

When Linux was presented, the word hacker didn’t exist. Clients of these working frameworks alluded to themselves as “hackers” simply because of their capacity to control and reuse programming code for their motivations, outside of its initially expected reason. Assuming you consider them culinary specialists, everybody has that one basic formula for lobster bisque; however, every cook will put their twist on the formula to make it their own.

They were/are extremely equipped developers that had the energy for composing their projects. The same hacking happed at the University of Latvia in March 2022.

What is the Current Condition of the University of Latvia!

Hackers entered the computer system of the University of Latvia and gained access to the personal data of its students. Among the victims of the robbers were students of the faculty of the University of Latvia, current and graduated from this educational institution. Now, to get information about the diploma of the University of Latvia, it is not enough to check on the site https://registri.vi.gov.lv/rap.

How do People know about this hacking?

The cyber attack was first exposed in the news published by the Latvian Constitutional Defense Bureau. The country’s state security service, the Constitution Protection Bureau, has previously reported that the Russian Federation has targeted it and hacked into its systems.

Despite the massive police action, the hacker’s identity is still unknown. They are accused of gaining access to the system to distribute information to the public illegally. Hackers are currently facing charges of violating privacy laws and the confidentiality of commercial information. The hackers escaped jail, but he has not hidden his true identity yet. Despite the legal consequences, the computer scientist remains active and has filed several civil lawsuits in opposition to the Latvian government’s unfair and inefficient electricity tariffs.

The government’s IT department leaked the hacker’s identity and the passwords of the university’s students’ email accounts. As a result, the court ordered the student to perform community service. The incident, meanwhile, spurred information security reforms in the Latvian public sector. In the meantime, the case has led to a public outcry.

Hackers Gained Access and leaked Information.

The hackers had access to the computer systems of the Latvian government. They managed to steal 250 gigabytes of data; the goal was to erase them from the archive of the University of Latvia. The hackers also broke into the computer systems of government officials in Russia, a country where hackers are considered the biggest threat to democratic processes. In the meantime, the Latvian police and government have uncovered several other cyber attacks. It has its digital robot army and a growing arsenal of sophisticated tools to hack into foreign governments.

The hacker always used fake identities to access classified information. In addition to the hackers’ actions, the hackers also exposed the salaries of state officials in the country.

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