Guillermo Eiland Talks About ‘I Made It Off The Block’ | 1-on-1 Exclusive Interview


Guillermo Eiland launches his debut book ‘I Made It Off The Block’ and within such a short time span, readers all across the globe are giving this book a serious readthrough. Today we’ve been able to sit down with the author himself and ask popular questions that fans have been meaning to get a word on.

Guillermo, congratulations on your book! Tell us, what was your childhood like?

  • Thank you. I went through a lot of hardships during my childhood which I talk about in my book.My mother was addicted to heroin and my father was an absentee pimp father.You can only imagine how fast I had to grow up and be on the streets drug dealing.

Where did you grow up, Guillermo?

  • I grew up on the mean streets of LA and I became a drug dealer at the young age of 12 years old.

How did you end up getting involved with gangs?

  • At the age of 12, I was in the streets of LA unsupervised, so it was only a matter of time for me to meet the wrong crowd and start selling drugs.

Were there any specific challenges that gave you a life changing wakeup call?

  • Being shot and going to prison were not challenges they were a blueprint but having 4 daughters is a challenge the toughest man will become humble too.

How did you leave gang life?

  • I moved away…It really was that simple but remember me moving doesn’t stop an enemy from looking for me, but I was, and still am highly respected so I’m not worried – insteadI’m attentively alert.

Guillermo Eiland is a role model that many individuals listen closely to. A leader shows the way, leading by example – and Guillermo Eiland has been through it all.

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